Android Auto finally allows you to customize the wallpaper, although with one drawback: having it on your mobile too

android auto finally allows you to customize the wallpaper although.webp.webp.webp
android auto finally allows you to customize the wallpaper although.webp.webp.webp

Google has unexpectedly introduced a change that Android Auto users will like: it is now possible to choose the wallpaper with which to personalize the car console. Of course, said background must match exactly the wallpaper of the connected smartphone: If you change your cell phone you change your car.

A small change can be something big in a system that does not receive excessive visible new features, such as Android Auto. And, despite the fact that little by little it has changed to the Coolwalk aspect that we have today, Google prefers to correct all the errors it finds with mobile and car manufacturers rather than testing possible alterations in the user interface. Because, how long has it been since we asked Android Auto for the option to customize wallpapers beyond choosing the ones it comes standard?

If you have a wallpaper on your mobile you also have it on your car

Google is activating the novelty from its servers without there being a jump between versions: we have received the customization of wallpapers with the latest beta of Android Auto installed, version 11 (which is no longer beta, is available in its stable form ). As soon as we connected the mobile phone to the car, and after going to the list of apps, we could see the leap forward in personalization.

The car screen offers the same wallpaper in the app drawer that the connected mobile has on the desktops. Of course, with some exceptions, since not all wallpapers are transferred to the vehicle console, at least for now:

  • Android Auto does not show animated wallpapers. If any of these wallpapers are selected on the mobile phone, the car shows one of the ones that the smartphone comes with by default (the first one on the list).
  • The AI ​​backgrounds of the Google Pixel are not seen in the car. All backgrounds generated from Google phones with Android 14 are only seen on the phone: Android Auto shows a default background for the phone.

The chosen wallpapers, whether they are photos from the gallery as uploaded images or those that come with the smartphone, They are represented on the car screen as a cutout. Depending on the resolution of the panel, more or less of the background will be visible; Therefore, if we want the wallpaper to look good on Android Auto, it is a matter of doing tests until the background fits correctly on both screens: the phone screen and the car screen.

Default, Android Auto loads the image of the connected mobile whenever the user has the option activated. Now, it is possible to disconnect it so that the car does not synchronize the wallpaper with the phone.

  • Access the Android Auto settings.
  • Uncheck the “Use phone wallpaper in Android Auto” box.
Android Auto WallpaperUnchecking this option prevents Android Auto from loading the mobile wallpaper

The app drawer present in the vehicle console It will turn into a dark gray color and without the option to customize it: The old background selection has disappeared.

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