Usernames are now appearing on WhatsApp Web as an alternative to the phone number

usernames are now appearing on whatsapp web as an alternative.webp.webp.webp
usernames are now appearing on whatsapp web as an alternative.webp.webp.webp

WhatsApp has changed a lot in recent months, breaking down limitations that we took for granted as use multiple accounts on the same mobile or edit messages. One of its biggest changes is still pending, usernames which are now closer than ever when they arrive on WhatsApp Web.

We learned about the WhatsApp usernames back in May and subsequent leaks in October gave us some more details, as well as confirming that the feature was still in development. As if that were not enough, now in WaBetaInfo They have been discovered (hidden) on WhatsApp Web which is usually the last step before the change is activated for all users.

A username instead of a phone number

All WhatsApp messages are encrypted and the application has recently added additional protections against spam calls and They protect our IP in video callsbut something that has not changed in all these years is that you need to share your phone number so they can write to you on WhatsApp.

The alternative is going to arrive late, but at least it arrives. They will be usernamesunique, preceded by an at sign and for which we will have to fight to get one that is available.

With a username, someone can start a chat with us knowing the username but not our phone number, which will remain hidden. The WhatsApp account is still linked to a phone number, but you have more control over who can see it or not.

It had previously been leaked what the settings for editing your username will look like in WhatsApp for Android and iOS, to which WhatsApp Web is now added. You can also configure your username from the web version of WhatsApp.

In addition, WaBetaInfo gives us an important additional detail: we can change the username if we are not satisfied with the one we have achieved, so at least what we choose will not be written in stone.

It will be this username that you can Share with friends and strangers so they can contact you on WhatsApp, instead of having to give them your phone number. When someone opens a chat with you using your username, they won’t see your phone number.

Now that the setting to configure the username is available in mobile applications and WhatsApp Web, although it is still hidden from users, It may be a matter of weeks before WhatsApp announces the news. Stay tuned, especially if you want to reserve a username that might interest any of the other billions of WhatsApp users.

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