This is how you can watch DTT on your Smart TV if there is no antenna socket nearby

this is how you can watch dtt on your smart tv if there is no antenna socket nearby
this is how you can watch dtt on your smart tv if there is no antenna socket nearby

In the most modern homes, it is already common for each room to have an antenna socket to install a Smart TV and watch DTT without problems. However, this was not the most common. To do this, you always have an alternative at hand with which you can take Digital Terrestrial Television to other rooms when they do not have antenna outlets or are not nearby.

Depending on the age of your home, you may not find every room with an antenna socket. Or, on the other hand, the antenna that you have installed in your house is out of date to watch DTT in HD . In any case, the device that we are going to present to you will be great for improving the television signal on your Smart TV, and the best thing is that you will not need an antenna socket near the television.

The portable antenna you need

It may not sound familiar to you, but there are small portable antennas that will help you out of trouble. And not every room will always have an antenna socket. Furthermore, another advantage it has is that it can be used if, for example, you want to watch DTT in HD in other areas of the house when the antenna socket is too far away.

There are many options on the market, so you can find all kinds of prices for these small portable devices that are easy to connect to a Smart TV. But how do they work? Very easy. You just have to connect the portable antenna to the television and tune in to the Digital Terrestrial Television channels. As for the price, the truth is that it varies a lot, it all depends on the quality of the device.

One of the first pieces of equipment you can find, and very cheap, is this mini indoor antenna that supports HD (1080p):

The best thing about this alternative is that it is thin and can be stuck on windows or walls to find a good position so that you can watch TV channels without interference. And it is not the only portable antenna you can find:


The latter is the best-selling portable antenna on Amazon . It does not exceed 20 euros in the online store and one of its features is that it comes with a magnetic base to improve the quality of channel reception. And, as in the previous equipment, it is connected through a coaxial cable to the television (2 meters long).

On the other hand, if you are looking for a higher quality model to avoid problems and even watch 4K channels , such as La 1 UHD, then this is the antenna you are looking for:

It is not only designed for indoors, but also for outdoors. It offers a reception range of 520 kilometers and has a long 10-meter coaxial cable so that you don’t fall short at any time. It can be connected directly by cable to your Smart TV or through the decoder, then you just have to place it on a window or wall and search for the television channels.


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