Xiaomi hits very hard with its new features: Smart TV and electric scooters with great value for money

xiaomi hits very hard with its new features smart tv and electric scooters with great value for money
xiaomi hits very hard with its new features smart tv and electric scooters with great value for money

Xiaomi is back with a new wave of new features that will give us very good reasons to continue enjoying the smart home. The brand has just presented its new repertoire of novelties in society and we already know everything it has come up with. Xiaomi comes loaded with some really interesting devices!

Xiaomi’s good price and effectiveness are once again the protagonists of all the new features that the company has presented and that will be available very soon. Next, we are going to review each of the new devices that have been presented. We tell you that they cover two main categories: Smart televisions and electric scooters.

This is what the new Xiaomi Smart TVs are like

Offering connected devices that guarantee the best experience both when we are at home and when we are away from it is key at Xiaomi. Their new Smart TVs are a clear demonstration of how much they care about reinforcing the entertainment we have at home. Two models have been presented : Xiaomi TV A 2025 and Xiaomi TV A Pro 2025.

The first of them will be available in five sizes at the following price for each of them: 32 inches (169 euros), 43 inches (279 euros), 50 inches (349 euros), 55 inches (399 euros) and 65 inches (549 euros). This is a 4K UHD Smart TV model that has the Google TV operating system, as well as MEMC technology aimed at offering smoothed, high-definition visual quality. As for its design, it also stands out because Xiaomi has taken care of making it really stylized , eliminating the bezels so that the television has the most elegant look imaginable.

For its part, the second television is the Xiaomi TV A Pro 2025, which increases image quality and incorporates both HDR support and 4K resolution and QLED technology. As in the previous case, it is equipped with Google TV as the operating system, has a Xiaomi remote control and offers image and sound quality that will surprise you. The intention of this screen is to provide the highest quality so that you can enjoy all your favorite content at the highest level.

In this case, it is launched only in four sizes: 43 inches (299 euros), 55 inches (449 euros), 65 inches (599 euros) and 75 inches (799 euros). In addition, it must be said that both models go on sale on April 25 , so we have them just a stone’s throw away.

Latest generation electric scooters

If you were thinking about buying an electric scooter, take note, because on Thursday, April 25, the brand’s new models arrive in stores. One of them is the Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Pro 2nd Gen, which focuses on providing users with greater travel distance . With its autonomy of a maximum of 60 km and its 48V and 468 Wh battery, you will have more guarantees of being able to move easily with the scooter and thus go further than with other models.

Other improvements compared to the previous generation include a 60 mm wheel surface (compared to the 54 mm that the previous model had), a 400W rear-wheel drive motor and a light system that is implemented to guarantee maximum possible security. This light system is automatic and is responsible for preventing accidents from occurring. In addition to this, the scooter has Bluetooth connectivity to access Xiaomi Home and can be folded in three seconds for more comfortable use.

The second scooter is the Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Lite (2nd Gen) model, with which the manufacturer also takes a leap forward compared to the previous generation. It has 10-inch pneumatic wheels that provide a lot of stability on all types of terrain. With them we can move safely through the streets with the peace of mind of knowing that their autonomy is 25 km. Due to this, it is designed to become the ideal scooter for those who need it for daily trips such as going from home to work and back.

One of its most interesting features lies in its power of 390 W and the six battery protection systems, with which Xiaomi makes sure to guarantee a high level of durability. That way you won’t have to worry about anything, since the battery will provide maximum performance for much longer than usual. Thanks to its power of 390 W, on the other hand, you will have two advantages: effortless hill climbing and a very simple acceleration process. Also, as it is already a house brand, it offers connection with Xiaomi Home and a good lighting system, which in this case reaches a capacity of 8 meters. The launch of these scooters is scheduled for April 25 at a price of 549.99 euros in the case of the Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Pro 2nd Gen and 299.99 euros for the Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Lite 2nd. Although they will not arrive in the Xiaomi online store until May, starting Thursday they can be purchased at Amazon, MediaMarkt, Fnac, Alcampo and El Corte Inglés.

Finally, Xiaomi also places special emphasis on another device that has been part of the day’s presentations and is now on sale. This is the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X20+, a robot vacuum cleaner that is designed so that both the charging and storage of the equipment are as simplified as possible . It effectively cleans any type of surface and is prepared so that obstacles are not a problem. Along with that, it has other improvements, such as faster dust collection, automated pad washing and four liters of water for its tank. As we indicated, this vacuum cleaner is now on sale, and can be purchased from the official Xiaomi store at a price of 399.99 euros.

If all these news have caught your attention and you live in Madrid, we have good news . Xiaomi has announced the opening of a showroom in Nakari, on Arrieta street, where it will be possible to see all the company’s new products live. This space, which has been baptized Vision to life, can be visited until April 25, the exact moment when the new products will go on sale.


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