Samsung QLED UltraHD 4K Smart TV at its all-time low price

samsung qled ultrahd 4k smart tv at its all time low price
samsung qled ultrahd 4k smart tv at its all time low price

The online store PcComponentes is carrying out its Orange Days campaign and is leaving us with some offers that are simply irresistible. There are many interesting opportunities , but in this case we are going to talk to you about one of the best offers we have seen on Smart televisions. There are several things about it that are of a high level, such as the fact that it is a Samsung model and that it has a discount. Now we tell you everything.

When we talk about Smart TV models on sale, we always first look to see if there is any Samsung proposal that is available at a good price. And this time we were lucky to find a model that is really good. This is the Samsung Q60C, a 43-inch Smart TV proposal that is equipped with QLED UltraHD 4K Quantum HDR image technology. At PcComponentes they have it available at its lowest historical price thanks to a great discount .

An ideal Smart TV

This Samsung television model meets all the aspects that we give importance to and makes the screen a perfect option. It has a size of 43 inches and, although it is not as large as some of the Korean manufacturer’s largest models, it is perfect for watching movies, series and, above all, for playing games. Because a size in this range ends up being ideal for gaming in view of the efficiency it offers and the fluidity of play it is capable of providing

Its image technology includes Quantum Dot, guaranteeing a display of colors that exceeds 1,000 million and guarantees you enjoy a very high-level experience. You will see colors that are more vivid than you imagine and both brightness and contrast will be in line with what Samsung has offered us on many occasions with its best televisions. The same can be said for the depth of the tones and the way the Tizen system gives you access to all the apps you need. It delivers on all the important traits!

If we explore its particularities, what we also like is its design. Samsung is a brand that always tries to make elegant, stylized and highly attractive televisions and, in this case, it has surpassed itself again. The Samsung Q60C, also known as Samsung QE43Q60CAUXXH in its full reference, is a screen that has a very thin design. If you hang it on the wall with a support that we will later recommend, you will take care of the aesthetics of your home and you will have a very luxurious instance.

Apps, games and much more

As we told you, this Smart TV uses the Tizen operating system. This guarantees that you will have access to the possibility of downloading all the applications you need, including those from the streaming services in which you have an account. Of course, with Samsung involved you also have many gaming options . Not only will you be able to download games, but the television offers you the game bar 2.0 and panoramic mode, which will give the experience even more depth. And complementing all this, we cannot leave without mentioning the Q-Symphony support, which will make the sound you hear truly top class.\

PcComponentes has taken the luxury of putting this Samsung Smart TV at its all-time low price . That means that you will only pay 399 euros , a very low figure that improves previously seen offers, as can be verified by clicking on “Price history”. The last discount was good, but it wasn’t as juicy as the one being offered now. Of course, there are limited units, so if you are interested in this television… hurry up!

As a complement to the Samsung Q60C, we make several recommendations that will be very good for you so that you can get even more out of your new television. The first thing is a VESA mount so you can put the Smart TV on the wall as we mentioned before. It is available at PcComponentes at a very reduced price, so you can buy it together without practically noticing it. The second thing is the Samsung HW-T420 sound bar , a Bluetooth model that is sweeping the offers that the store is doing on Orange Days.


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