Can the DGT fine me for installing a screen to use Android Auto?

can the dgt fine me for installing a screen to use android auto
can the dgt fine me for installing a screen to use android auto

Our vehicle’s multimedia systems are very useful for being able to perform a large number of actions in our vehicle without diverting our attention from the road. But what happens if our car does not have a screen as standard and we want to install it in parallel? Can the DGT fine us?

As vehicles have incorporated the latest technology, the vast majority of them have natively integrated multimedia systems. But what happens if our car is a few years old and does not have any screen? These types of elements are very useful when, for example, we want to use the navigator on a screen larger than that of our smartphone and we do not want to constantly look away from the road to consult our mobile device.

During recent years, there have been many specialised manufacturers that offer us the option of installing screens in our vehicle to meet all our needs. But what does the DGT say about it? Can we be fined if we install a screen on our own? The answer is no. Although we must take into account some premises that must be met in order to avoid possible penalties or, in the worst case, accidents.

a screen inside a car

Without blocking the view of the road

One of the first aspects that we must have is that we can install a screen to be able to enjoy systems such as Android Auto, but as long as it does not interfere with the correct vision of the road. If the system is very large, we will have to look for another option, such as trying to lower the height or opt for another one with more contained dimensions. It should not only facilitate vision of the road. But, in addition, it also has to guarantee that we will have complete freedom of movement while we are driving.

Furthermore, obviously, we cannot carry the screen in our hands or hold it on our legs. It must always be supported by some mechanism that allows us to have all our senses on the road. Without having to divert our attention to find out how much of the route we have left or what is the next detour we should take.

Do not interact with the device

One of the most frequent doubts arises when interacting with the device. We must configure our route before starting it, when our vehicle is parked. But we cannot touch the screen while we are driving, trying to obtain more information, since these types of distractions can have fatal consequences.

Article 13 of the Law on Traffic, Circulation of Motor Vehicles and Road Safety (Royal Legislative Decree 6/2015), is clear in this regard: « The use of mobile telephone devices, browsers or any other means while driving is prohibited. or communication system, except when the development of communication takes place without using hands or using headphones, headphones or similar instruments .

What if we are stopped at a traffic light or in a traffic jam? It is common that in these types of situations we have doubts about whether or not we can interact with our multimedia device. However, the DGT is clear about this: we can only use this type of element  when we are completely parked. But it is not allowed either in traffic jams or when we encounter a red light.

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