This afternoon’s App Store problem is now fixed

Apple today released iOS 16, in addition to other updates like watchOS 9 and tvOS 16.

However, it appears that the company’s servers have hit a bump this afternoon, as Many users have experienced errors in the App Store when installing app updates.

As many users have reported on social networks, could not install app updates due to an App Store bug. More specifically, the App Store asked users to accept the terms and conditions of the new services. However, when I hit the accept button, random error messages appeared.

“Anyone else having problems with the App Store with iOS16? I just updated it but it won’t let me update the applications because it asks me to accept some terms, but when I accept, it throws me an error and I should try again later,» a user claimed On twitter.

The problem not only affected those who had just installed iOS 16, but also devices running older versions of iOS. Even some Mac users couldn’t update apps from the App Store.

According to Apple’s System Status webpage, the issue is now resolved, so you should no longer have any issues with your device.

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