The best Windows 11 software to remove preinstalled programs now works in all versions

the best windows 11 software to remove preinstalled programs now works in all versions
the best windows 11 software to remove preinstalled programs now works in all versions

Good news for Windows 11 users who are not satisfied with the large number of preinstalled programs that the operating system has. Because, as we have just discovered, the best software to remove tools and bloatware is now available in all versions of the platform. It’s time to clean up!

We have already talked to you about the Tiny11 Builder program on several occasions, as it is the tool that has solved more than one complex situation with Windows for us. Unfortunately, this efficient software was not available, until now, in all versions of the operating platform . This has changed with its latest update, which comes with new features so you can eliminate everything left over from your Windows 11 installation.

Goodbye to limitations

That until now Tiny11 Builder was only available in some of the versions of Windows 11, it had become a problem for users who did not have one of those editions. Because, until now, it had been clear that it was a really efficient application. With it, you have the opportunity to do an intense cleaning of everything that the operating system includes pre-installed. These types of programs, what we know as bloatware, come from the factory and, in many cases, we are aware that these are tools that we do not need.

In reality, part of what makes Windows 11 not offer as efficient or satisfactory performance, to put it another way, is related to bloatware. Because there are more programs than necessary that, in many cases, we do not want to have involved.

Take control of your Windows

Created by NTDEV, this tool is completely free and, little by little, it has established itself as one of the best recommendations for Windows users. If you’ve never tried it, you’ll be happy to know that the list of apps you can delete is very extensive. In my case, what interests me most is uninstalling the Xbox application, because I am a PlayStation user and I don’t use it for absolutely anything. The only thing that remains is the trace of Xbox Identity, but crossing my fingers, the application may not appear again after an update.

Other apps you can delete include Clipchamp, Mail, Alarms, GetStarted, Weather, Sound Recorder, Office Hub, Calendar, Internet Explorer, GetHelp, News, OneDrive, Maps, or Your Phone, among others. In addition, there are other important mentions about apps that you can delete so you don’t have to see them again on your computer: Media Player, Solitaire and Microsoft Edge. Can you imagine removing Edge completely after getting rid of Internet Explorer? 

Of course, it is also important to think with some logic, since you may want to stick with Edge in case something happens and you can’t continue using your usual browser. After all, you would need the Microsoft program to download Firefox, Chrome or any other browser you like.

Another advantage of this program goes beyond the elimination of tools preinstalled by Microsoft. This is the opportunity to bypass Windows’ requirement for you to use a Microsoft user account . This is an important advantage in view of the fact that the requirement is not to everyone’s taste, especially in view of the company’s insistence on expanding the need to make use of its user accounts. It is not that there are no other programs that are used for this purpose, such as Rufus, but that Tiny11 Builder incorporates the function is a very positive aspect and an additional benefit to take into account. If you want to download the program you just have to visit the official profile of its developer from Github here .

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