This program allows you to tune your Windows to make it look like a MacOS

this program allows you to tune your windows to make it look like a macos
this program allows you to tune your windows to make it look like a macos

Maybe, even if you are very happy with your Windows computer, you find the interface of macOS, the operating system of Apple computers, attractive. It is undeniable that the aesthetics of the MacBook are quite clean and recognizable. Therefore, why not take advantage of the customization possibilities that Windows offers to give the system a facelift.

It is not the first application of this type, but it is one of the most complete currently to imitate the appearance of macOS on Windows. It’s called MyDockFinder , and one of its strong points compared to other apps like Pearos or Rocketdock is its use of animations, which provide that final detail or icing on the cake to perfectly simulate the graphical interface of Apple’s OS.

MyDockFinder is a program available for download in the Steam store, and is available for Windows 10 and 11. Specifically, the recommended systems to use it are Windows 10 version 21H1 or Windows 11 22000.318. According to its specifications section, it can be used with 1.2 GHz dual-core processors and RAM from 512 MB. However, the ideal capacity will be a 1.6 GHz processor and 2 GB RAM. It also uses version 11 of the DirectX API collection.

It was launched in 2021 and has support for 24 languages, including Spanish. MyDockFinder is “based on WinUI that uses GPU rendering, smooth animation effects, rounded corners of Bezier curve and blur, and you can adjust the intensity of the blur,” as stated in its Steam profile . Its price is 4.99 euros , and it is actively receiving updates, dating back to this Sunday, April 14. 

The user can choose which applications they want to appear in the Dock, that is, in the characteristic horizontal app bar that is located at the bottom of macOS desktops. In addition, it supports 4k quality, light and dark modes, multi-screen environment and dynamic blur effect.

Generally positive opinions

Some Steam users have given negative opinions of this application, criticizing that “the tool is difficult to uninstall, it is deep in the reg [registry] and I had to factory reset to remove it.” Another user points out that his computer “started having major graphical errors after using it. I uninstalled it and restarted my computer but the dock was still installed. In response to these comments, X user @TechKhaled_ assures: «They don’t know how to use their computer, I already uninstalled it twice. “It was removed perfectly.”

According to several users on X, the application used to be free at first, but now it is paid. The advantage, however, is that this application provides the trust and security of being included in the Steam store. Additionally, community reviews are mostly positive, based on 4,200 reviews.

Other possible errors that users have reported are duplication of icons in apps like Brave, or lack of some notification signs. However, interested parties can check out a wide variety of positive experiences in the Steam comments area.

With all this, the program is an option to consider and not too expensive, as far as possible, for those who are clear that they prefer the appearance of a macOS over that of Windows. It can also be appreciated by those looking to escape the advertisements and recommendations that Microsoft is trying to show in Windows.

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