Be careful if you have this app on your computer: you will not be able to update your Windows 11

be careful if you have this app on your computer you will not be able to update your windows 11
be careful if you have this app on your computer you will not be able to update your windows 11

Although it is an application that does not have any type of suspicious behavior on our computer, it has recently become known that we will not be able to continue updating our computers if we have it installed. A decision that has caused a great surprise among the community.

StartAllBack is an application that many users have downloaded to their computers in recent months to recover the classic Windows start menu and taskbar on their computers. However, it has recently become known that Microsoft has chosen to drastically cut back on this behavior: from now on, the Redmond company will not allow users to update their computers to new versions of Windows 11 that have this application installed. Setting a real precedent among the community, especially if we take into account that, a priori, no suspicious behavior on the part of the app has been detected.

Security issues

The technology giant has justified this decision by saying that the application “ causes security or performance problems .” However, he has not given more details about it. The news, which has been discovered by the user @endermanch on the social network X , as reflected in the following screenshot, has not gone down well with the Windows user community. Many of them have criticized the decision, arguing that it is not an application that contains any type of malware. It only changes the appearance of our equipment.


However, in the comments themselves we have also found the solution that apparently works without problems. In the event that we receive the notice from Microsoft, but we still want to use the tool, all we have to do is uninstall it and then proceed with the update. Once downloaded, we can use StartAllBack again without any problem in terms of compatibility.

The origin of the problem

For those who do not know the application, StartAllBack is a tool that allows us to recover a large number of Windows functions that have been eliminated in the latest published versions. For example, the classic Windows start menu or the context menu. However, to access some of them, the tool requires making some changes to the registry or even stopping certain services. A scenario that, if you do not have certain knowledge about how Windows works, could cause problems when continuing to interact with the operating system.

As expected, the application itself has taken advantage of its X account to make known its vision of the problem that has arisen. However, as stated, they have no knowledge of why this decision was made without prior warning.

Applications that change the appearance of Windows are not new for the operating system. In fact, we can find several of them that currently work without having received any type of notice from the technology company. Therefore, we only have to wait a few days to find out if Microsoft provides any more details to justify the decision, explaining the security problems that it may have detected after installing it.


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