The 5 best games that your Smart TV hides so you can retire the console

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The Android TV application store has several ideal games to play with the whole family and have a pleasant time.


Smart televisions are devices with a lot of potential in the field of leisure, since they allow access platforms that offer hours of entertainment, such as streaming services, IPTV, platforms that connect with the multimedia library of the computer or mobile phone, and even games.

The latter are a great method to have fun, and not only is it possible to play even cloud gaming services like GeForce NOW, but it is also possible to download some locally such as Parcheesi and Hangman, although there are other more modern titles that are also ideal to play with family or friends.

In addition, many of them are made to be controlled using the Smart TV’s own controller, so it will not even be necessary to connect an Xbox, PlayStation or Android controller. Although, for a better experience, it is highly recommended to use one of these drivers.


This first title is a multiplayer game in which up to eight players can join together and can be played both locally and online. The objective of the game is to overcome a series of mini-games that include some explosions. Bomb hockey or individual duel are some of them.

As with other titles we have collected, it has the possibility of connecting a controller, playing with the TV remote or even installing an application on your mobile or tablet to use it as a controller. This application is called BombSquad Remote Control.


It is quite entertaining and has several scenarios and game modes, so it is ideal for changing and trying different types of games with friends or family, in addition, you can change the teams according to preferences. It can be downloaded for free on Google Play.

Red Ball 4

This is one of the ideal single-player games to play in turns, since the way to play is very simple. Basically, in the game you control a red ball that must be guided through different platforms, pressing the direction buttons and overcoming different obstacles and puzzles in a quite fun way that will increase in difficulty as the levels increase.


It is a basic game, but quite entertaining, so it is easy to understand and control, and it will also work adequately on any television, since the graphic requirements are not high. It is controlled with the television remote control itself. with the directional buttons.

It is free, although if you spend all your lives repeatedly, you will have to wait a little to be able to play it again, or purchase its premium version, which also eliminates advertising. It is available for free on Google Play.

Beach Buggy Racing

This multiplayer racing game is ideal to play with friends, and the only thing you need to play is for them to also download the game on their mobile to be able to control their car. The way to play is extremely simple, since It has accelerator, brake, speedometer and buttons to use the skills that are achieved throughout the circuit.

There is a maximum of four players, each will have their own space on the TV screen. The mechanics are simple, since everyone drives a car, and they will have to compete to win the race using skills that can help the player or destabilize the opponents.


It has 6 game modes and 15 tracks to race on, so it offers entertainment for a good time. It is possible to download it for free from Google Play. Of course, there are some game modes that are paid.


Hangman is one of the most popular classic games, and it is present on Android TV with a very entertaining Spanish edition. The game doesn’t have much mystery, it is played as it has always been played. On the bottom There is a keyboard that occupies the entire screen along the width in which you will have to click to fill in the gaps above it.


To solve it you have to guess all the letters and the words they form before the hanged man is completely drawn. For each mistake the player makes, one more line of the drawing will be added.. At the bottom there are three options: to give up, another for the game to suggest a letter and another to start a new game.

It must be taken into account that the game has a time limit and that depending on the successes and failures, coins will be added or subtracted from the player. It is ideal to play with others, but it can also be fun to play alone. It can be downloaded for free on Google Play.


This is one of the essential games on Android TV. Although it is not a single game, it includes two, making it ideal to play with family or friends, although it is also possible to play alone competing against the AI ​​at various levels of difficulty.

On the one hand, it has a mode to play Parcheesi. Up to four players can play using the classic colors, and there is even the possibility of dividing the four colors into two teams of two people to liven up the dynamics of the game a little more.


The other game included is a game of snakes and ladders, in which, by rolling a virtual dice, you will have to advance from square number 1 to number 100 on a board full of snakes that will make the player go back to positions and ladders that will help move forward. It can be downloaded on Google Play.

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