TikTok’s ‘Instagram’ is official: this is the new photo application that will come to your mobile

tiktok's 'instagram' is official this is the new photo application that will come to your mobile
tiktok's 'instagram' is official this is the new photo application that will come to your mobile

TikTok has confirmed that they are developing a new social network that will focus on text and photos to compete with Instagram.

It’s no secret that competition in the world of social media is fierce, as we’ve seen with Meta’s launch of Threads at a time when X—formerly Twitter—was going through one of its lowest moments . The next platform to arrive in Spain, however, would come from TikTok.

And last month some leaks came to light that talked about the launch of a new social network by ByteDance , the company that owns the massive social network. Now, more details have been revealed, such as its name, which would finally be TikTok Notes.


This would come to clash directly with Instagram, since the idea behind the new platform would be the uploading of photographs and text. In fact, the company has confirmed that this app is in development , so it only seems a matter of time before we can download it.

What is known about TikTok Notes

Some TikTok users have uploaded screenshots  to social networks  showing messages from the app itself talking about TikTok Notes. In this same message, notice is given of the creation of this new social network and the connection that would exist between both applications. 


And, although they could have followed the same strategy that Meta followed when it integrated some of the social network’s functions into Instagram, everything indicates that TikTok Notes will not be an integration, like Instagram Reels, but will be an independent app. 

If you have a TikTok account, when the new social network is operational, users will be asked if they want the photos they have uploaded so far to appear in TikTok Notes . In this way, both networks can be linked to share the content on both at the same time. Something like the option to upload the same photos to Facebook and Instagram that Meta has.

Speaking to TechCrunch , a TikTok spokesperson stated that they were working on a space for users to share photos and text, so it’s no secret that we’ll see TikTok Notes arrive on Google Play at some point. In fact, the web address ” photo.tiktok.com” has been operational, showing a loading image of what would be the future platform of the Chinese company.

Of course, taking into account the great acceptance that the social network has in many places in the world, trying to expand can be a great option that will also surely seduce those users who like the format, but are disenchanted with Instagram. .



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