The new WhatsApp brings one of the essential functions of social networks to the application

the new whatsapp brings one of the essential functions of social networks to the application
the new whatsapp brings one of the essential functions of social networks to the application

WhatsApp could soon include notifications to alert users that they have been mentioned in someone else’s status.

For some time now, WhatsApp has been including more and more alternative functions to sending messages, and is making it, as with Telegram , a more complete app. It is not surprising that it is the most used messaging app in Spain, according to Statista data.

One of its great virtues is that it is always working on incorporating new features into the application, and one has been leaked that could be one of the next to appear for beta version users. These are status notifications , which would not only notify the user that another person has uploaded this type of content, but could also indicate if another person has mentioned them.


It is a basic function that is present in all social networks with this content, such as Instagram , TikTok or Snapchat, and that allows each person to find out when they are mentioned or when a user marked as a favorite uploads content. Without a doubt, a basic element that is strange not to have been in the app until now.

New notifications 

Right now, if someone mentions you in one of their statuses in the app , there is no way to find out, except to see it in the section with the same name in the app. With this novelty, which is already present in the beta of the app, when a mention occurs, a notification will appear so that the user knows that they have been referred to.


As WaBetaInfo states , these notifications may also occur in those situations in which a person has uploaded a status and we have not seen it. It’s unclear whether the company will expand these types of notices or make those from favorite contacts take priority over others.


In any case, the function has a lot of margin, since it is possible to have some extra functions that complete it, such as  being able to silence status notifications, or only receive them from some users, but it seems that we will see more additions to this function over time.

This is beta version , which is now available on Android. To try the beta version you just have to sign up in the application file that is available on Google Play. Keep in mind that this will cause the changes to be received first, but in many cases, their operation may not be as stable as the main version of the app.


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