Do you have plane trips planned for Christmas? With this app you will never have to look at an airport screen again


Airport screen

If you usually travel, you will know that when you are going to fly, one of the most uncomfortable or annoying moments is waiting for the boarding gate on the airport screens. Knowing which terminal is something that we usually know with the ticket but we do not know which door it will leave from until there are a few minutes left and we are watching an airport screen. But you can avoid this with a mobile app.

There are many applications that allow us to know about flights in real time, to know if they have landedfind out if they have taken off or follow our relatives on their trips knowing at all times how they are and how they are. But there are other applications, like Flighty, that help us not look at screens when we travel.

What is Flighty?

It’s probably happened to you: you’re traveling and you’re comfortably sitting at the airport waiting for your flight time to arrive, but you have to constantly get up to check some screen that tells you which is your boarding gate or even if the flight has left on time. hour. Well, this application is capable of giving us all the information on the mobile phone screen in a simple way without you having to get up to look at screens or move from your seat. You will have all the information.

The only drawback of the application is that it is only available for Apple phones and you will not be able to use it on Android but it allows us to have everything at hand with real-time notifications on the phone that allow us to know what has happened, what door is there. But it also gives us information about whether our flight is going to leave on time or if there are any delays expected. With immediate update in the apppy without having to watch screens but also with information beforehand: Flighty promises to predict delays up to a day before departure and with continuous monitoring of the airspace to know if we will find any problems or not.


It is also perfect if you have many flights to take or if you usually travel a lot because on the same screen you can have all the flights you have pending registered with the information about each one of them: the days left to take it, the expected time of arrival, the expected departure time, the airport, the airline or the flight code to have it under control when the time comes.

Not only can we use it on iPhone but it is also compatible with the Apple Watch or with other Apple brand devices such as iPad or Mac.

Other apps

If you want to have other applications for Android that allow you to follow flights, there are some great classics that we can use if we want to know where a flight is, if we want to see the route, if we want to know where it is going or what time it will leave. We can consult possible delays, etc. They are not as complete as the previous one but they will also help us a lot if we usually travel by plane or we intend to do so.

Some classics like Flightradar24, for example, allow you to enter the plane code to know where the flight is at all times. We can see the planes pending landing at the airport that interests us, the schedules, etc.

Flightradar24 Flight Tracker
Flightradar24 Flight Tracker
Flightradar24 Flight Tracker

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