You are using this HDMI connector on your Smart TV incorrectly

you are using this hdmi connector on your smart tv.jpg
you are using this hdmi connector on your smart tv.jpg

The HDMI cable is one of those that we always have at home and has many useful functions on both your TV and your computer. But do you always know what HDMI port you must connect it? There are several on your screen and you may not be clear about how they are different or even believe that they are all the same.

HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface and, as its name indicates, it is an audio and video connection standard that allows us to send high definition content between devices. That is, it allows us to send what happens on your Nintendo Switch to your television, for example. Or we can connect all kinds of devices such as decoders, sound bars, the computer, video game consoles… But we are not always clear about what their uses are or in which of the ports we should connect the cable for it to work correctly. And we explain it to you.

HDMI ports and types

We connect the HDMI cable to the TV for many things and we don’t always get it right. We look for the first port that fits and we put it in, without even looking. Many times, even without looking and without turning the television over, we reach in and plug it into one of the ones there are. But Not all HDMI ports on your Smart TV are the same and you should start taking it into account.

The Smart TV usually has several HDMI ports but not all of them are the same, even if you think they are and you just have to take a look at the stickers that accompany each port to see that they are different. You will see that there is a port that indicates HDMI ARC and that it is labeled as such on the side or back of your TV. What differentiates it? ARC stands for Audio Return Channel and allows you to reproduce the sound from the TV with better quality.

-HDMI vs DisplayPort

Does that mean we should never use the rest of the HDMI ports? No, but you must know how to differentiate this one from the others and know what advantages it has. It is a port that allows send the audio from the television to a device that we connect through it. That is, it would allow us to send the audio from the television to speakers that we connect via HDMI or to listen to the movies that you watch on your TV through a sound bar that you connect here.

And the rest of the devices? It doesn’t matter if what you are going to plug into the TV via HDMI is not a device through which you need to listen to something. That is, if you simply want to send your laptop screen to the TV to see it larger, you can use any of the ports available and the same thing happens if you want to connect your console using this method. It doesn’t matter which one you choose. But leave the HDMI Arc free if you want to connect a sound bar.

HDMI Arc and Compatibility

As we have explained, it allows us to send audio signals from a television or screen to an audio device such as a sound bar or a home theater system as long as both are compatible. Among the audio formats compatible with HDMI Arc we find:

  • DTS
  • DTS:X
  • stereo PCM
  • Dolby Atmos
  • Dolby Digital
  • Dolby Digital Plus
  • Dolby TrueHD
  • DTS-HD Master Audio

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