These are the two WhatsApp functions that you should never remove for security

these are the two whatsapp functions that you should never remove for security
these are the two whatsapp functions that you should never remove for security

WhatsApp has all kinds of features and functions, however, there are some that have become essential if you want to protect personal data and security when using this app. Among them, there are two options that should never be disabled. So it’s time to see what they are and why you should activate them if they are disabled in your mobile application.

Within the well-known instant messaging application there are two options that allow you to maintain complete security from third parties. For many users, these two functions may go completely unnoticed, but that does not mean that they should not be known. In fact, they are very important if you do not want to take risks in the future.

Notification when security codes change

The first option that must be left active for security is the tab to receive a notification when the security codes are changed in WhatsApp. This way, when a contact changes the security code , you will receive a notification. If you have several devices connected, you should check that it is enabled on each of them so that you can also receive notifications from them.

How active? Very easy, these are the steps you must follow on Android and iOS :


  • Tap on the three dots icon.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Click on Account.
  • Go to Security Notifications .
  • And then, turn on Show security notifications on this device.


  • Enter the Account section.
  • Tap Security Notifications.
  • Activate the Show security notifications on this phone tab .


Avoid calls from strangers

Another feature that you should never deactivate is the option that helps you protect yourself from calls from strangers . This way you can avoid a scam attempt by cybercriminals who manage to get your number and call you through the instant messaging application.

You should keep in mind that anyone who gets your number can call you through WhatsApp . Therefore, it often poses a risk to users, which is why it is essential to keep this tab active from its settings if you do not want to have security problems. With this, you can block calls from an unknown number or silence them so that they bother you. So you can protect your privacy and avoid unwanted calls from this application.

To activate this security feature in WhatsApp, you have to follow these series of steps both on Android and if you have an iPhone:

  • Tap on the Settings tab on iOS or on the three dots to access the settings on Android.
  • Enter the Privacy section.
  • Tap on the Calls tab.
  • Turn on the Silence calls from unknown numbers option .

Keep in mind that calls will still be visible from the WhatsApp Calls section. However, they will not bother you at any time. Also, as an additional security recommendation, it is a good idea to activate IP call protection from the app. This way it will be more difficult for them to get your location through them.


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