So you can share groups of tabs with your work team from Microsoft Edge

The Microsoft team has already opened a public preview of its long-awaited Workspaces feature in its web browser.

Let’s remember that this Microsoft Edge proposal allows you to create and organize groups of tabs by creating a dedicated space within the web browser. And with this new public view we can already know some details of its operation, for example, how to share groups of tabs with a link.

How to create workspaces in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft wants Workspaces to become your go-to feature when you’re doing research on the internet, planning a vacation with your friends, or any task that requires you to deal with a bunch of tabs.

Although it seems similar to the collections that Microsoft Edge allows us to create, this new proposal is more dynamic, and allows us to work with others in real time:

In Workspaces, you can create a single, shared view of your group’s web pages and documents within a single browser window, with real-time updates.

It allows you to save this group of tabs and share them with your friends, or coworkers, so they can collaborate with you in real time, adding or making changes to the original tabs.

How to share tab groups with a link from Edge

As you can see in the image above, sharing your tab group is simple, as Edge allows you to do this via a link.

To get to that option, you first need to follow a few steps:

  • Create your work area and assign a name and color.
  • Once you get past this initial setup add all the tabs you need for your research.
  • And to share this workspace, or group of tabs, with others, you just need to select the “Invite” option.
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You will see that Microsoft Edge automatically creates a link for you to send to the people you want to join your tab group. When they accept the invite, and join your space, you’ll see each user’s name and avatar, as they’ll need to sign in to Edge with their Microsoft account.

From then on, they will be able to add tabs or remove them, and all changes will be applied in real time to everyone. Of course, your guests will only be able to see what you include within the space you created, but they won’t be able to access any information from the web browser.

Currently, Workspace is only accessible via preview from this link.