This is the best solution to carry a car magnet on your phone and preserve wireless charging

this is the best solution to carry a car magnet on your phone and preserve wireless charging
this is the best solution to carry a car magnet on your phone and preserve wireless charging

This useful accessory will make your smartphone fit together perfectly with some accessories, and will allow you to charge your phone even if it has a magnet.

Although many cars already have their own screen and even intelligent functions , there are still many traditional cars in circulation in Spain. And it is not surprising, since many users prefer to continue betting on vehicles with less technology and physical buttons , although this means that, if you want to use navigation in Google Maps , Waze or another app, it will be necessary to put the mobile phone on a support in the dashboard.

This is easy thanks to the large number of supports on the market, with magnets being some of the most comfortable. The operation of these is simple, since you just have to put a magnet – which is included – between the case and the mobile so that when you bring it closer it stays stuck. They are a very convenient mechanism, but they have a drawback: they will make wireless charging not work.

This can be a rather uncomfortable situation, since having to put the magnet on and off every time you charge the device or want to put it on the car mount ends up causing forgetfulness . However, there is an accessory capable of ensuring that the mobile phone stays stuck to the magnet and that Qi charging can be used.

MagSafe style cases

MagSafe is a magnetic technology from Apple that can be found starting with the iPhone 12 and that, thanks to a ring of magnets located around the wireless charging coil, can keep accessories attached to the back of the device . This facilitates perfect alignment for charging the phone wirelessly, but will also allow it to be used in the car and with a Qi charger at home without having to remove or place elements in the case.

Android phones do not have this technology, but there is a type of case with a magnet that emulates Apple’s and allows you to charge the phone and keep it stuck to the magnet of the car. To do this, these cases have a circular shape made up of small pieces of metal, emulating Apple’s solution.

Obviously, this only works with some MagSafe compatible accessories. On the Google Pixel 7 in which we have been able to test this type of case, we have been able to adhere a magnetic portable battery to the device, although not as strongly as a compatible iPhone would. Simply search for “MagSafe Case” followed by the name of your phone on Amazon to find this type of case model.

There are already some Android brands, such as realme, that have opted to launch alternatives such as  MagDart , however, it seems that in Google’s operating system we are far from being able to enjoy this type of capabilities in a unified way on all devices, at least moment. There is also the possibility of directly using the stickers on the back of the device, although this process can be more complex in terms of installation.


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