Microsoft removes a Windows feature that has been with us since 1996

microsoft removes a windows feature that has been with us.jpg
microsoft removes a windows feature that has been with us.jpg

From time to time new features are introduced in Windows, but support for others is also removed. There is no point in maintaining support over time for features or components that are no longer used or that pose a security risk. Precisely, the latter is the case that concerns us now that we have learned that Microsoft has removed a Windows function that it had with us since nineteen ninety six.

Microsoft has announced its plans to remove support for Visual Basic Script (VBScript) in the different versions of Windows that are currently updated. This novelty was introduced in 1996 as part of the Visual Basic language and in a short period of time it became quite popular among Windows system administrators.

A change for security

The success of Visual Basic Script (VBScript) among Windows system administrators was based on the simplicity of automating tasks in the operating system. The big problem is that they were not the only ones who took advantage of this system to automate things. Cybercriminals also used it to infect Windows systems, with one of their biggest “milestones” being famous worm I Love You.

Microsoft added support for VBScript in your Internet Explorer browser. This browser is no longer available or has updates in the most recent versions of Windows. In fact, it has been disabled from Internet Explorer a few years ago, remaining available with security updates and patches for too long.

Now, on the Microsoft website we can read this message:

VBScript has been deprecated. In future versions of Windows, VBScript will be available as an on-demand feature before it is removed from the operating system.

Unfortunately, Microsoft has not provided the roadmap with exact dates for this movement. Although it is not something important for the general public, it is important for people who continue using this system to automate things (although it is true that there are more powerful and secure alternatives at the moment).

The Redmond-based firm has not given too many explanations about the disappearance of this Windows feature, but the truth is that it is all based on security. The attackers They will no longer be able to use .vbs scripts in their attacks, which will eliminate a simple option they currently have to penetrate the security of the operating system par excellence.

In addition to VBScript, orafter functions or programs Windows that will no longer be available soon are: WordPad, AllJoyn, TLS 1.0 and 1.1, Cortana, Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool (MSDT) or Universal Windows Platform (UWP) applications for 32-bit ARM.

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