Is your Android slow? Activate this function to find out if it is due to your latest downloads

android modo segur pcpal.jpg
android modo segur pcpal.jpg

We have so many applications at our disposal that we often find ourselves in the situation where we even forget everything we have downloaded. Many of the apps that we download help us to enrich the functionalities of our terminal. Others, however, we use them for more than a few seconds and they end up being forgotten on our smartphone. A situation that can cause slowdowns… But did you know that it can be avoided?

Since the emergence of the smartphone in our daily lives, the number of applications we have at our disposal has not stopped growing. So much so that many times we choose to download some of them and we even forget to test its operation. With the impact that this can have on our terminal. As we accumulate more applications, our smartphone is forced to have to dedicate resources to them, even when we do not use them, since many of them stay in the background. The result is that our phone becomes slower than normal.

When we find ourselves faced with this situation, one of the most common solutions It consists of restarting our terminal to try to clean all the processes that may have been stuck. But in many cases this is not enough and after just a few hours, we return to suffer the same problem. To find out if its origin is really a consequence of the latest downloads that we have carried out, Android makes it easy for us. We teach you how to use safe mode.

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Limit latest downloads with safe mode

He android safe mode It is a resource of this operating system that allows us to identify if any of the latest downloaded apps is to blame for the poor performance of our terminal. By activating it, our mobile phone will only allow it to be run basic applications for the system. That is, all those who were present the same day we bought the terminal.

In the event that, once rebooted the device, let’s observe a notable change in its performance, we will know that the performance problem is related to one of the last applications that we have downloaded. In this way, we can uninstall all the latest downloads in order to improve its speed.

How to activate safe mode

Have two ways to activate safe mode, depending on whether we have the phone on or off. In the first case, we have to hold down the button to turn off the phone and wait a few seconds. Next, we will have a menu of options: turn off, restart or take a screenshot. If we make a long press on the power off button, A pop-up will appear with a message that will provide us with information about restarting in safe mode. We must accept everything this message says and, seconds later, the whole process will begin.

If it is off, we have to turn on the terminal normally. But, once the Android startup animation is seen, we must Press and hold the volume down button. In this case, no message will appear. When it starts, it will do so with this mode activated.

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In both cases, we are going to check how the home screen appears with all app icons which are not native in a gray color. Which will indicate to us that we will not be able to interact with them. If we notice how performance improves significantly, it is time to uninstall those that are not essential.