Meloni to Biden and allies: “Italy reiterates its continued and strong support for Ukraine”

meloni to biden and allies italy reiterates its continued and strong support for ukraine
meloni to biden and allies italy reiterates its continued and strong support for ukraine

The Prime Minister added: “The aim is to achieve a just, lasting and comprehensive peace.”

The Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni , held a telephone conversation organized by the United States this afternoon with the Heads of State and Government of the United States, Italy, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, Poland and Romania, as well as the Secretary General of NATO Stolten , the President of the European Council Michel and the President of the European Commission von der Leyen . President Meloni confirmed – according to a statement from Palazzo Chigi – the Italian Government’s continuous and confident support to the Ukrainian authorities in all areas, for as long as necessary and with the aim of achieving a just, lasting and comprehensive peace. President Biden wanted to reassure allies that the US continues to support Ukraine even after recent decisions by the US Congress. The leaders confirmed the urgency of close coordination of assistance to support Ukraine in this further phase of the conflict in all its dimensions, while reaffirming the need to continue to exert strong pressure on Russia through a sanctions system that is proving to be very effective.

The speech at the Festival of the Regions

Meloni She spoke today at the Festival of Regions and Autonomous Provinces in Turin and declared: “We are fundamentally ready for constitutional reform. I think that after the financial maneuver, which is now obviously our priority, we will also reject the text on the reforms.” . That’s why we want to move forward quickly with constitutional reform, said the Prime Minister. “Then, of course, there is a whole question that we want to address with the budget law: the implementation of the tax reform that has already been decided and then of course the others that we have announced: the judicial reform.” I want this to be the time in which we can implement all the reforms that we have planned,” concluded Meloni. On the subject of immigration, the Prime Minister emphasized that today she “remembers with deep emotion the tragic shipwreck in Lampedusa ten years ago, in which 368 people lost their lives”. “Since then, too many tragedies have repeated themselves to reach the shores of Europe and it is our precise duty to put an end to this ongoing massacre, including by blocking the departure of makeshift boats. “The Italian government’s commitment to combating the terrible business of human trafficking continues unabated, including on behalf of all the victims who have lost their lives at sea,” he said. On the topic of differentiated autonomy, Meloni said he would continue without interruption. “It is an opportunity to build a more united, cohesive and stronger Italy, able to move forward at a unified pace. Our aim is to implement the principle of subsidiarity enshrined in the Constitution by giving more power to the regions that have demonstrated their ability to best manage these resources,” he said.

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We have to go step by step. “The advantage is that we have a legislative horizon within which we can plan interventions and develop a strategy, because there are many priorities and few resources,” he added. The priorities, he explained, are “revenue”, with confirmation of the reduction in contributions and trying to make progress. We then need to “give different signals in terms of birth rate and demographics, because our system cannot keep up if we have an aging nation and fewer and fewer people to maintain it,” Meloni affirmed. “This government is working hard not only on supply chains, but also on giving back to the Mediterranean its centrality and its ability to be a bridge to interconnected energy supply. “It is a strategic decision,” he added, “because if the future focuses on the issue of raw materials and energy, Africa is not a poor country.” “These are strategic decisions that have often been missing in our country and in Europe” , he explained. The unified SEZ for all regions of the South “is a great victory, a great opportunity for the South to compete on a level playing field with the rest of the nation and beyond,” he then said.

Walking through Palazzo Chigi, “one feels the weight of responsibility that one carries on one’s shoulders in leading a nation like Italy, for one has inherited a history full of great sacrifices and great undertakings, and if one can rise to them, you can’t be carefree. Superficiality and personalism,” he added. “Italy,” he said, “is a mosaic of territories with exceptional capabilities and each territory can count on important resources that deserve to be recognized, enhanced and brought online.” This heritage is at the core of our economic and cultural strength and strengthens the sense of national belonging,” Meloni added. “I am happy to speak from here, from Turin, which “is no city like the others, it is the first capital of united Italy, it has a special meaning for our history,” she said.

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Regarding PNRR and Development and Cohesion Funds, Meloni added: “It is necessary to spend all these resources in the best possible way, because we do not have many, there is a lot to do and it is important that for this goal we all work together. The aim is to make the country more competitive in a short period of time.”

There is no conflict with the judiciary. “I would like to emphasize again this time that the judiciary is simply free not to apply a government law, just as the government is free to say it does not agree,” the Prime Minister said on the sidelines of the event. “Because in short, it seems to me that the motivation with which an irregular immigrant, who has already received an expulsion order, is released by saying that his physical characteristics are those that the gold prospectors in Tunisia consider good for their interests, Frankly, a motivation is very special. And so I say what I think, because in short, everyone has their own autonomy of thought or mine. “The interpretation of an attack on the judiciary makes me think a lot, because I think I also have the right to say that I disagree when a government law is not applied,” Meloni concluded.