Make a copy of all your photos from Google Photos to your PC in seconds

Cloud backups have become a very useful tool, but it is always good to have a copy on our hard drive.


For many years now photographs have become a digital commodity, more than physical, although there are still many people who prefer to print their images. Even those cases are special occasions. That is why keeping photos online safe is important.

For them, many companies, including Google, offer cloud storage systems, in case something happens to our mobile phone and we lose the stored images. In this sense, Google Photos works as a backup in addition to a photo gallery.

But what happens if it is the cloud copy that is damaged? It is difficult, but if access to the Google account is lost, for example, we will have lost all the photos. That is why it is a good idea to have a copy of all the elements locally, on the hard drive of our computer.

To do this you could go album to album saved all photos and videos that are in the account. This can be somewhat tedious, but it is a possibility. However, the most convenient thing is to use a little-known Google tool called Google TakeOut, which allows us to download all the information we have in the Google account, including photos and videos.

When you enter the website of this service, most of the options will appear marked. You have to uncheck them all and select only Google Photos. Besides, You can choose the albums you want to download in case it is not necessary to make a copy of the entire image library.

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 When have the elements selected the button is pressed Next step that is at the bottom of the screen. There another window will open in which you have to choose the export form if through a file in an online service such as Dropbox or through a link that will be sent to email of the Google account from which the operation is carried out.

You can also choose the type of file you want., although by default it is a ZIP, as well as its size, to be able to partition it and download it without the risk of the connection hanging. This is especially useful when working with several tens of GB.

 When the process starts Google will warn that it could take several hours, depending on the amount of data you are processing. There is nothing more to do than wait and go to your email inbox to download the photos, or to your Dropbox account if that method has been chosen. When you have them, they can be stored in a folder on an external hard drive or on the computer itself.