This is what really happens when you charge your phone while you sleep

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We all do it. We put the mobile to charge when we go to sleep and we leave him recovering so that, when we wake up, he is ready for another day of work. The problem is that perhaps you don’t know that what happens inside the device is much more than it seems.

Leave your phone charging while you sleep It’s a bad habit we’ve kept of times when the use of devices was very different from today. Today technology has changed a lot and manufacturers are aware of the importance of charging batteries quickly. The experts, as we are going to explain to you below, make it clear that it is not good for you to continue with this habit.

Your cell phone doesn’t need it

The general opinion of manufacturers and specialists is the same: your smartphone does not need, by any means, to be left charging all night. In reality, most current mobile phones recover 100% of the charge with a period that can last a maximum of two hours. In some cases, the process is even faster, making it completely pointless to leave the device plugged in permanently while you’re sleeping.

We do this because, deep down, there is still something inside us that believes that the cell phone needs to be plugged in for hours and hours to recover the battery. That happened in other times. Nowadays we are even surprised when we put the device to charge, we look an hour or two later, and we see that its battery is already at 100%. Due to this constant surprise that we have, we also do not realize that we would have to stop plugging in our cell phone while we are in bed. And we should, because what the battery experiences It’s not exactly good for the device.

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There are many reasons not to do it.

The first thing of all is to know that your cell phone, when it has reached 100% battery, does not continue charging. That is, it has already been fully loaded, so it does not continue doing so. But the cell phone remains on and it is very possible that there is background apps that are active receiving notifications or carrying out all types of processes. This activity will cause the mobile to lose 1% of battery sooner or later. And what will happen because the terminal is connected? Which will start to load again to recover 100%. The process will continue repeatedly and that will erode the battery of your mobile.

According to statistics, mobile phones, in general, can withstand around 850 battery charge cycles before that its durability is reduced and is placed below 80%. When that threshold is passed, the battery level and capacity will be progressively reduced until you end up with a device that will not provide performance that lives up to expectations.

At the same time, you should also remember that it is not good to let your phone drain all of its battery. The ideal range must be find above 20% and at a maximum of 80% of the load. Having the battery reach 100% is not something that is recommended, which is why, among other things, you should stop connecting your phone to electricity while you are resting.

And yes, this means that you will not be able to continue keeping your phone in bed while watching videos or playing games until the phone stays at 1%, go to sleep and then wait until the battery is at 100% in the morning. That is something that tempts us too many times, but with which we must begin to combat so as not to end up damaging the terminal’s battery.

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Can it explode?

One of the most talked about concepts is overload. It is something that is worrying, because the events that have occurred in the past make it clear that anything is possible. So that none of these incidents occur, that there are no batteries that explode or that there are no surprises, current mobile phones, and not just a modern terminal like the iPhone 15, They have security systems that block charging when it has already reached 100%. Therefore, it is unlikely that the battery will explode, catch fire, or suffer any other type of similar problem, at least with official products.

Keeping in mind everything we have told you, although it will be difficult, it is recommended that you abandon the habit of leaving your phone charging while you sleep. This way the durability of your battery will be much greater!