Learning English with my Android phone is possible: these are the best free apps

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learning english with my android phone is possible these are.webp.webp.webp

Learning a second language has become a very important tool both for work life and for academic life, especially if we talk about a language as widely used as English. Learning and practicing a new language is now easier than ever, or rather, It is more accessiblethanks to that little computer we carry in our pockets.

There are many applications to learn English in the Google Play Store for Android devices, but as is often the case when there is a wide variety of a product, some apps are better than others. Below you will find our selection of apps to learn English with free access, which offer a variety of tools and possibilities to learn vocabulary and even practice it. Some have paid options, but the free version is usually enough to take our first steps in a new language.


Let’s start with the best known, Duolingo. The popularity of this application is based on the fact that it is really good not only at teaching vocabulary but also at the gamification of learning: with just a few minutes a day you can have a streak of days with completed lessons, and many boast on social networks of having hundreds of days in a row doing their homework on Duolingo.

It may seem like something unimportant, but that way of hooking the user It is quite effective to keep us coming back day after day to learn that Duck means duck and that Travel means


Duolingo is an application for learning languages ​​interactively, through games and daily activities.

EWA English

EWA is an app to learn English, and only English, but whose main attraction is to entertain the user with references to pop culture and literature. The app offers 15-minute lessons a day and uses series and movies to teach phrases and pronunciation. In addition, it has audiobooks and games to learn the language. The application is free, but more advanced and complete courses require payment.

EWA English

EWA English is an app that uses games, audiobooks and phrases from series and movies to teach English.


HelloTalk is an excellent application for learning English (and other languages) since more than offering lessons, it allows connect with native people of the language you want to learn and talk with them, using tools such as a grammar and spelling checker in the language you are learning. Have you ever heard that the best way to learn a language is to spend some time in a country where they speak it? Well, this is the closest thing to that directly from mobile. Of course, that person you’re talking to is usually also interested in learning your language (in our case, Spanish), so you can correct each other’s mistakes and help each other learn.



Drops is an application that, again, uses the games and different mechanics for interactive learning of languages. The app has more than 50 languages ​​available, including English, Japanese, Portuguese, French and Korean. Its operation is based on creating personalized vocabulary lessons after taking a test. It is a free app but it also offers a premium version without ads and with more functions.



Busuu is a language learning app that promises to focus on learning “real-life” vocabulary, phrases, and situations that we might need when

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