Google Play Store: Dynamic colors have been replaced by blue

play system, june update in rollout: the news
play system, june update in rollout: the news

Google has updated the Play Store by changing the dynamic theme we were used to and choosing a more bluish hue. Previously, the Play Store used dynamic colors in the search field, main tabs and bottom bar. However, these were not present in other parts of the app, such as descriptions, search and the “Manage apps and devices” update page, where the shop continued to use green as the primary color.

As of last night the Play Store stopped using dynamic colors in the main feeds, and currently blue is the highlight color throughout the app, although the account menu is still old-fashioned. Here are a couple of screenshots that give an idea of ​​the changes.

This likely indicates preparations for full adoption of dynamic colors throughout the app, with the blue used as a temporary color. The change started appearing over the weekend and now appears to be rolling out to more users as part of a server-side update. Anyone who hasn’t experienced it yet will have to wait a few days.

Meanwhile, Google just fully rolled out the “Sync Apps Across Devices” feature. It was first tested in March. Now we see it on all phones after only seeing it extensively on tablets and Chromebooks.

Speaking of Google features, did you know that the Nearby Share feature, which we call Nearby Share, has received an update that allows you to share files and text with your devices even when the screen is off?

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