The five uses you can give to your old cell phone instead of keeping it in a drawer

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If you have just changed your phone to a new one, you can still give your old one a second life, and it can even save you money.


A smartphone can be a great gift, whether for a birthday, Three Wife or Christmas. Inevitably, the arrival of a new smartphone makes the one you had until now stop being used. In Spain, the common thing is to give it to someone or try to sell it second-hand, although Keeping it is also a good option.

Android offers great versatility as an operating system, and this allows users to keep their old mobile, but giving it totally different uses than those given to it when it was the main phone. In this way, it will be possible to continue using it and give it a second life, instead of it collecting dust in a drawer.

Furthermore, by reusing an old mobile phone in other tasks you will be helping to prevent more electronic waste from being generated, and even can help save some money since it is possible to replace the purchase of other devices such as a digital photo frame or a video surveillance camera.

Media player

There are many mobile phones that, even though they have been in use for a few years, continue to perform correctly on basic tasks such as streaming, music playback or multimedia control of other devices. In these cases, having an old cell phone on hand so you can use it while charging your daily cell phone can be quite positive for saving battery life and for regular use at home.


It is possible to download all the streaming applications that are commonly used, such as Netflix, Spotify or YouTube to not having to use your own cell phone every time you want to transmit content to the television or speakers. This way, any member of the family can use it as a device to stream content.

In addition, home automation control apps can also be downloaded and configured to serve as a remote control for lights, cameras or any smart device you have at home. By setting up voice start in Google Assistant you can even serve as a smart speaker.

Remote control

Some Android phones still They have an infrared sensor located on the top, and you can get a lot of use out of it. Thanks to some applications, it is possible to control through this sensor some devices that use a remote control with the same technology, such as a television or a fan.

This avoids the need to purchase a remote control for many devices when the original is broken or lost. And the best thing is that it is only necessary to download a remote control app, although the manufacturers that include this component They usually also include a native app to use it.


If you want to use it for a Smart TV, it is not even necessary for it to have an infrared sensor, but practically any device can be paired with the television using the Google TV application, as long as it has Android TV. If you prefer, you can even use it to control your computer’s mouse and keyboard remotely.

Security camera

Perhaps it is the most useful and accessible use that can be given to a mobile phone that is no longer used. Enough with connect this to a WiFi network and a socket, so that it does not run out of battery, to turn it into an ideal security camera to monitor your home when you are away.


It can be placed facing the door, or on any other side of the home that you want to keep under control while you are not at home. You will not be able to enjoy night vision, as in video surveillance cameras, but the advantage of mobile phones is that It is possible to turn on the flash remotely, and even play audio messages or sound a siren.

You only need to download an application for this, such as AlfredCam, thanks to which it will be possible to configure its operation and activate options such as motion detection or audio messages.

digital photo frame

If it is a mobile phone with a large screen, it is possible to use it as an electronic photo frame to have at home and to show the memories we choose to keep them in mind.

The easiest and most comfortable option to do this is Leave the device plugged into a charging base and create an album in Google Photos with all the images and videos that you want to include in the compilation. After this, you will only have to access the album in the application and start presentation mode. Each photo will be displayed on the screen for about 5 seconds.

Google’s gallery app doesn’t allow much customization, so you can also opt for third-party apps like Fotoo or PhotoStory, which offer some additional options.

Secondary mobile

Before, changing all data from one mobile to another was a longer and more complicated process, but now it is extremely simple. Thanks to the possibility of having WhatsApp on several mobile phones at the same time, it is possible to have a secondary mobile phone that is absolutely the same as the main oneexcept for the presence of the SIM card.

This way, you can go alternating between one device or another depending on use that is going to be given. For example, to go on an excursion or go to practice risky sports, you can change the SIM and use the old mobile phone, in case it suffers any damage during said activity that ends up damaging it.


In case something happens to the phone, at least the new one will not have broken. When you return home, It will be enough to put the SIM back into the main mobileand there will be no need to make a backup in WhatsApp or any other application, since it will be synchronized automatically.

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