Instagram, Facebook and Messenger are down and it is not possible to use the Meta platforms

instagram facebook and messenger are down and it is not.webp.webp.webp
instagram facebook and messenger are down and it is not.webp.webp.webp

If you’re trying to send a direct message on Facebook or share your latest photo on Instagram, and you can’t, the reason is because Meta platforms are not working. You can rest assured, the problem is not your cell phone or your Internet connection.

Meta platforms, that is, Instagram, Facebook, Messenger and even its alternative to X (Twitter), called Threads, are experiencing errors in Spain and around the world. So far, the company has not offered an explanation in this regard, although have recognized the existence of a problem in their services.

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It’s not you: Intagram, Facebook, Messenger and Threads are down

We have been able to verify the general decline of platforms trying to access services both in Spain and in Latin America. Is about a global failure of the platformswhich when trying to access, show a warning message, which simply says:

“The feed could not be updated.”

The problem is present in both mobile applications and the desktop version of Meta’s messaging and social media platforms.

WhatsApp, on the other hand, is not presenting problems.

instagram down

Image: Downdetector

The platform Downdetector, which compiles reports of problems on platforms such as Meta, reveals that users have reported thousands of complaints about Instagram and Facebook going down since approximately 4:30 p.m. The problems continue even after almost an hour of starting. A Meta website dedicated to showing the status of its services also reveals that some of its products have a total drop.

instagram facebook down

Click on the image to go to the tweet.

Andy Stone, director of communications at Meta, has published a tweet in which he states that the company is aware of the problems that its services are presenting. Meta is working on solving them, Stone said.

We will update this article once the platforms have returned to normal, and if Meta details the reasons behind this widespread failure.

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