Tomorrow WhatsApp will open its chats to other applications, but only if you want

tomorrow whatsapp will open its chats to other applications but.webp.webp.webp
tomorrow whatsapp will open its chats to other applications but.webp.webp.webp

Tomorrow is the day WhatsApp will change forever. March 6 is the day when the obligations imposed by the European Commission come into force to applications designated as access guardians or gatekeeperslike WhatsApp.

So, WhatsApp must open its chats to third-party applications for the first time in its history. It seems that the application is already ready for it and we will warn that it will be a door for spam, although it is not lost. We have verified that as users we can choose whether we want to activate third-party chats or not.

Interoperable WhatsApp, if you want

On March 6, WhatsApp must activate the first phase of interoperabilitythrough which other applications will be able to connect to WhatsApp to

WhatsApp believes that these third-party chats They will be a source of scams and spam and we already know that they will be shown in a special section in the application and not together with the rest of the chats. Maybe it’s not a big deal, since third-party chats will be optional.


We have been able to access several screens that WhatsApp has prepared for the interoperability that must be activated tomorrow and perhaps the most important of all is that you must activate interoperability. That is to say, If you want to leave WhatsApp as it is, only with WhatsApp messagesWill you be able to do it.

Even if you activate third-party chats, you will be able to configure What applications do you want to receive messages from on WhatsApp?, which will allow you to filter those through which you receive spam, if you receive it. For example, assuming Telegram implements it, if in the future you use third-party WhatsApp chats to talk to Telegram friends, you will be able to block spam messages from PepitoChat.

These two changes will ensure that We can open our WhatsApp as much as we want: a lot, a little or nothing. We will still have to wait for the following days and weeks to see which applications sign up for this in reality.

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