Has WhatsApp gone down? This way you can check if the messaging app is causing problems

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It is possible to check if a failure in WhatsApp is due to a failure of our mobile phone or due to errors in the company’s servers.

Communication applications have become a fundamental piece in our daily lives. It is the way in which we are in contact not only with friends, but also with family and, increasingly, with people at work. In Spain WhatsApp is the default applicationalthough more and more young people use Instagram to chat from private messages.

That is why when a service causes problems the impact on society is huge, especially in an application like WhatsApp that in Spain is used, de facto, by everyone. WhatsApp crashes are not very frequent, but they happen from time to time. Sometimes they are the fault of the company’s serversand little can be done, but other times they are a matter of our mobile.

That is why it is good to check if a failure is our fault or if it is due to a general failure of the companies’ infrastructure. For that We must check not only our device, but also the way in which we have connected.

Mobile and data

The first thing to check is that nothing is wrong with our mobile. It is important to see if there are some kind of failure in the Wi-Fi connection or if data coverage is configured correctly. You also have to check if mobile data has been turned off by mistake by clicking on the icon in the notification bar, a button that not everyone knows is there and that is sometimes pressed by mistake.

Here you also have to check if the operator we have hired has any fault. It is faster to try using other applications that have an Internet connection. If they work, the cause may be something else. Of course it’s a good idea Always keep the application updated from the Google Play Store.

WhatsApp down

It is possible to see if there are errors by checking web pages such as Downdetector, which indicate the increases in problems that a service or operator is having at a given time. If the graph shows a peak at the moment in which it is consulted The fault is with the operator.

Failures in WhatsApp

To find out if the WhatsApp servers have a problem You used to be able to use a function within the app, but it is no longer available. Now the best thing is to go to the Downdetector WhatsApp section and see if there are any problems there. If so, what is shown in the image would appear.

Whatsapp failures

Another option is go to social networks that are not linked to Meta, such as X or Mastodonto see if among the current tags, the Trending Topic, there is something related to the messaging application. It is common to see complaints from users and know that the failure is not with our cell phone, but with the service itself.

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