Huawei and Xiaomi, marriage of convenience: great agreement between the manufacturers after a long court battle

Huawei and Xiaomi confirmed this week an agreement regarding their cross-claims for alleged intellectual property infringements


The rarefied atmosphere that exists in China when it comes to mobile phones. A good example of this is the country’s battle against Apple as part of what is expected to be another chapter of the trade war between the United States and China. Luckily, there is also somewhat more positive news, at least on paper and in terms of Huawei and Xiaomi it means.

Both brands, competitors in the Chinese and global markets, had been involved in litigation for years over what each considered patent infringement. However, this week a historic agreement was announced between both that ends this war.

An international agreement whose impact remains to be seen

We are on our way to three years since the first drums of (judicial) war sounded between Huawei and Xiaomi. Was in May 2021at which time it became known that the former had sued the latter for what they considered an infringement of their patents. Over time, the litigation lengthened and other disputes arose..

Xiaomi also sued Huawei for similar reasons. And they have always had the patent infringement of both in the spotlight. And all until leading to an agreement announced this week, but which will surely take time to be forged.

Just like Huawei confirmed In what appears to be a joint statement, Both companies have reached an agreement for the recognition and respect of intellectual property. Ran Xu, head of Xiaomi’s corporate business section, expressed himself in these terms, following an idea similar to that of Huawei’s counterpart, Alan Fen. The latter also commented that an agreement of this caliber will help “improve investment and research in future mobile communications technologies.”

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Now, just as the exact patents claimed by each party were never revealed exactly, they have not provided much detail about this agreement either. It is understood that, as we saw in other similar agreements, both will use each other’s technologies. With their respective payments or earnings reports, of course.

The point is that There are still doubts about how it benefits or harms the user. such an agreement. If not both, given that on the one hand it is foreseeable that it will help to benefit from mobile technologies in any of the brands, but on the other hand it may represent a brake on innovation for both. At least we know that for both companies it means freeing up efforts in legal battles at a time when, as we indicated at the beginning, the tension could be cut with a knife.