The brand behind Nokia will launch mobile phones that are not Nokia. Even more chaos for Android

HDM Global confirms its intentions to launch mobile phones under its own brand, although coexisting with Nokia smartphones


If we do a survey asking if anyone knows about HMD mobile phones, we will probably find a vast majority of answers denying their knowledge. If we say Nokia, the shift towards “yes” would be overwhelming. The truth is that technically they are the same as they are HMD Global the owner of the Nokia brand since 2016.

The fact is that we all remember Nokia phones as the kings of the pre-smartphone era and to a lesser extent as a mere participant in the smart era, first with a failed Windows Phone and betting on an almost pure Android later. Now everything indicates that HMD will bet on a new brand of Android smartphones which, at least for the moment, would coexist with Nokia.

HMD wants HMD mobiles

Adding a reputable brand like Nokia, even if it was earned in the past, seemed to bode well for HMD Global. Over the years, It does not seem that the Finns have managed to regain the throne of telephony. They don’t even seem to have come close to a market in which Apple and Samsung are the queens along with Chinese companies like Xiaomi and OPPO.

Added to this is that Nokia brand license is about to end, given that a ten-year agreement was established in 2016 that will expire in just three years. The fact is that the company is looking to take a turn that has already been confirmed by its own CEO. on LinkedIn.

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Jean-Françoise Baril confirmed on the aforementioned social network the idea that HMD launches into the smartphone market under its own brand. His idea is to “create a new world for telecommunications focused on the needs of consumers” and asserting its label of leading European manufacturerwhich you already get with Nokia.

In fact, in the words of the manager we can extract that HMD will maintain the same policy in terms of corporate social responsibility in terms of product sustainability. This is something that we have already seen in the Nokia brand in relation to reparability and that it would be in accordance with the intentions of the European Union in this point.

We will not say goodbye to the Nokia brand, although it will have competition at home

Beyond these highlighted elements of the speech, the CEO’s words revolve around the corporate environment, so there are still several unknowns to clear up for the purposes of what will HMD mobile phones be like?. That they will have Android seems obvious, but little else.

An important fact that does confirm is that both brands will coexist in the market, so this will not mean farewell to the iconic Nokia. In any case, we will be awaiting new information in this regard, given that a date or deadline has not been set for us to see the first mobile phone officially called “HMD”.