Galaxy AI will not reach as many Samsung phones as we thought: the manufacturer seeks to “ensure quality and performance”

ai samsung galaxy s24
ai samsung galaxy s24

Samsung confirmed that Galaxy AI, the package of features based on Artificial Intelligence of the S24, would reach other old terminals. The list would include those who update to One UI 6.1, but in the end it will not be so long

In the first Unpacked of 2024 we have seen Samsung’s flagship for this first half of the year, the Galaxy S24 family, in which the Galaxy S24 Ultra. For the first time, not only the hardware was important but the software was the protagonist of this presentation with Galaxy AI.

We know that in the future it will not be a free service, that it has managed to contribute its bit to Android Auto, and that it will reach other phones in the best-known galaxy in the mobile world with One UI 6.1. Of course, the bad news is that not as many as was initially thought. This is confirmed by Samsung itself.

Galaxy AI only on mobile phones capable of running it

Artificial Intelligence took over all the covers in 2023, and is on track to do so again this year. In part, thanks to the fact that both Samsung and Google have united efforts to bring certain features to Android, and the Korean manufacturer boasted about them at the presentation of its latest flagships.

This same one, perhaps, was a little hasty in assuring that Galaxy AI would reach more phones in its portfolio, and the final list of devices eligible to receive this package of improvements is smaller than initially thought. Also, with some quite significant omissions.

Among the models mentioned that would be compatible with Galaxy AI, the Galaxy S23S23 FE, Z Flip5, ZFold5 and even the tablet Galaxy Tab S9. All of these will receive functions such as ‘Circle to search’, Live Translate (real-time call translations), ‘Note Assist’ or ‘Photo Assist’, in one update planned for the first half of 2024.

In principle, it would only be a beginning, as we have seen, focused mainly on the most technically capable devices (and therefore more expensive). Then, according to the manufacturer’s words, it would land on more smartphones in the catalog, but finally it won’t be like that.

As we read in Android Police, which echoes the information from TechRadar, Samsung’s Head of Customer Experience has revealed that none of the devices launched in 2022 have made the cut to receive the new AI experience.

Limit AI features to older models and charge for them

Patrick Chomet, the employee of the Korean firm, states that Samsung sought to “ensure the quality and performance of what we deploy. Then we will learn how people use (the Galaxy AI functions) and we will fine-tune the performance.” These statements leave no room for doubt: the initial list was the beginning and also the end.

It will cause some discouragement among users who were hoping to enjoy these improvements in terminals like the Galaxy S22, with less than two years on the market and which also uses the same chip as the most recent S23 FE. Be that as it may, the spokesperson has justified himself with a “for now”, but everything seems to indicate that it will remain that way.

Let us remember, however, that also, some AI functions present in the Samsung Galaxy S24 They will only be free until the end of 2025, so they could lose something of general interest. Others, such as Google’s ‘Circle to search’, should remain free for longer, although the latest moves by the American firm do not give much hope: Magic Editor requires a subscription to Google One.

Perhaps these decisions will become a trend in the future, with brands restricting access to additional features on certain models. For our sake, let’s hope not, although the first actors in the cast are giving notice of this. We remain attentive to any last minute changes regarding Galaxy AI, as well as all the information about the next update that will reach the Galaxy from the Korean manufacturer.

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