The Pixel 8a loses all the mystery: leaked original packaging that confirms its design

the pixel 8a is imminent google has already taken the necessary steps to launch its new cheap mobile
the pixel 8a is imminent google has already taken the necessary steps to launch its new cheap mobile

Previous leaks already showed the design that is confirmed with its original box. It will be narrower and thinner, although it will maintain the same screen size

There is no doubt that Google mobile phones have managed to make some noise after more unnoticed first generations. And it is thanks to the fact that Google has enhanced its latest models with Artificial Intelligence, the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro. But also the economical Pixels the Pixel A, have had something to do with it.


After the acclaimed Pixel 6a and Pixel 7a, the Google Pixel 8a is moving towards the landing strip, and at the end of the year it showed its design in a leak. Now, we know what its original packaging looks like, where it can be seen with complete clarity. the design of the next economical mobile of the American firm.

An already known design, which is confirmed

The Google Pixels seem to have a certain predisposition to being leaked long before their launch. This has happened with virtually every model, and History repeats itself with the Pixel 8a, which faces its last months before seeing the light. Without forgetting that yesterday the future premium smartphone of the Mountain View company also appeared: the Pixel 9 Pro.


In fact, the first leak of the next economic model occurred earlier than normal, where we saw its pronounced rear curves. Then, the renders of the well-known leaker Onleaks, which showed its continuous designand incidentally some specifications with the addition of UWB main course. Now, as we read on 9to5Google, we can take a look at its sales packaging.

The original box of the Pixel 8a confirms its own name, something that is obviously not surprising, at the same time that we know its code name: G6GPR. This packaging shows the blue unit which matches the color seen on the Pixel 8 Pro leaked ahead of its launch.


With these images, we also know that the bar that acts as a camera module is not anchored to the frame, but rather connects to the rear panel, which by the way is made of plastic. Of course, the curves announced by previous leaks seem to be true, appearing more pronounced than in the high range.


We don’t know how it will affect ergonomics, but it does differ greatly from its predecessor, which offered a good grip. According to the leaks, it will have a 6.1 inch screens (the Pixel A has been at this size for a few years) and will be taller, narrower, and thinner compared to the Pixel 7A.

Everything seems to indicate that the events are repeating themselves, with leaks that arrive many months before the launch, predictably scheduled for the Google I/O of the new year. To be more specific, it should take place in the month of May, as is traditionally the case. Of course, it is unknown if Google will maintain the starting price or, on the contrary, lower it again: everything will depend on the plans they have for the current mid-range Pixel.



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