Destiny 2: Rebuilding Trust – The Path Forward for Bungie

destiny 2 rebuilding trust the path forward for bungie
destiny 2 rebuilding trust the path forward for bungie

Destiny 2 developer Bungie has foregone the weekly update and instead sent players a message. They comment on the negative developments of last week, when profound layoffs in the studio were announced, and explain what should happen next.

These are the most important points in the statement: Instead of “This Week at Bugie”, the developers published an “Our Path Forward” (via bungie ):

  • Bungie admits errors and says it acknowledges feedback on the 2023 expansion Lightfall, the final seasons and “The Final Shape” . You know that you have lost a lot of trust from the players. Destiny must offer more joy and surprise. Not enough has been done here. That will change.
  • Bungie says there are still 650 people working on Destiny 2, with energy and experience: they want to give players the finale they deserve.
  • The goal, says Bungie, is for the 2024 expansion “The Final Shape” to deliver an unforgettable Destiny experience like Forsaken, The Witch Queen and The Taken King.

The Final Shape should be bigger, brighter, bolder

How should things continue now ? Bungie says there will be more information in the next few weeks. In the short term they want to reveal what will happen with the new season, which will be announced in November:

After that, we’ll start introducing our new vision for The Final Shape: to be bigger, bolder and brighter. We plan to build a bridge that will take us all out of darkness and into light.

What is missing? The postponement of The Final Shape from February 2024 to June 2024 , which was unanimously reported by Bloomberg and IGN, has still not been announced. However, a shift seems almost inevitable from the announcement of a “bigger vision”.

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Why does Bungie sound like someone died right now? In the last few days, it became known, first through insider reports from the studio and later through a tweet from the CEO, that mass layoffs had occurred at Bungie. According to the reports, player interest in Destiny 2 will collapse in 2023. The advance sales figures for “The Final Shape” are also said to be poor.

Apparently Bungie is also critical of the current version of “The Final Shape”: it was “good, not great,” the studio reported.

Many players were particularly outraged by how harsh and heartless the dismissals were: