The Impact of MMORPGs on Academic Life of Students

the impact of mmorpgs on academic life of students
the impact of mmorpgs on academic life of students

MeinMMO editor Jasmin found her way into the world of MMORPGs through Metin 2. The game doesn’t seem like much, but it meant the world to her. Over time, the game got out of hand, so that she had to quit the game after graduating from high school.

What is Metin 2?

  • Metin 2 has been playable for free in Germany since 2006 and is financed through an in-game shop
  • There are five different classes: Warrior, Ninja, Sura, Shaman and Lycan
  • Players join one of three empires and can fight players from other empires
  • The name comes from the Metin stones, which rain from the sky like meteorites and contain valuable loot

At times Metin 2 was so popular that there were 26 servers. The number of servers has now shrunk again, but the game can apparently retain enough players to still be worth running.

The MMORPG offers both fun PvE and PvP elements. The graphics don’t correspond to a high-end game, but the varied maps and the harmonious music keep you entertained even after many hours of play.

How Metin 2 messed up my grade point average

I first discovered the game on my cousin’s PC. Curious, I looked over his shoulder and dismissed the game as uninteresting. But when my younger brother asked me to join the guild, I couldn’t resist the game anymore.

My family had long since stopped playing when I became addicted to the MMORPG. I have invested many years in Metin 2 and have worked my way up to become one of the best healing shamans on the server. If you can remember a CherrySakura on Mosha – that’s me.

Over time I even wrote my own guides for the forum and the official site. I sank deeper and deeper into the game and at some point even knew by heart where the eponymous metin stones fell from the sky.

This led me into a vicious circle into which I sank further and further. I met more and more friends and acquaintances in the game, fell in love and joined prestigious guilds that came with obligations. At some point this led me to align my life with the game.

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