Android Auto makes it (more) easy for you: With this new button, you can pair different devices in seconds

andoid auto 106.png
andoid auto 106.png


Android Auto continues to incorporate new features to improve the user experience of your devices. The last of them is the possibility of, through a single button, quickly disconnecting any device that we have synchronized with our browser. Allowing the exchange of devices in a matter of seconds. An option to take into account if we usually share a car with more people.

When we travel or travel by car with more people, connecting our mobile phone with Android Auto not only allows us better integration with the navigator. But, in addition, we can also liven up the duration of the journey with our favorite playlist or use any other entertainment app which allows us to make the time we spend inside the vehicle much more fun. However, carrying out the synchronization and subsequent unpairing of wirelessly connected devices can become a cumbersome process if any of the terminals begin to report failures.

In order to solve this situation, the recent Android Auto 10.6 update It seems to incorporate a curious function that, despite its simplicity, has caught the attention of its users from the first moment. This is the appearance of a disconnect button which allows us to end any communication between both devices automatically with just one touch.

Very useful if we travel in a group

Disconnecting a device that is connected via a cable has always been easy. But as we have become accustomed to the wireless synchronization, It is common for certain errors to arise related to both possible incompatibilities and specific failures that can occur in this type of systems on a regular basis.

If we are used to using our car with other users who at some point have had their smartphone linked to our Android Auto, we have probably encountered some problem related to the network connection failures. This causes, at times, the system to not clearly define the main device it must obey.

Now, with this new update, from the moment Android Auto notifies that a phone has been linked to the system, we will have the option to click on the shaded button that will appear below with the title “Disconnect”. Offering us complete control over any communication that occurs inside and giving us the possibility of connecting new devices much faster than before.


Waiting for the update

Although the appearance of this new function has coincided with the Android Auto 10.6 update, Not all users can still enjoy this feature. Therefore, it is still unknown if it will be deployed gradually as no errors are reported, regardless of the moment in which we carry out the service update, or if it is an A/B test with a selection of users and is still in a beta phase to be implemented later. In the meantime, we will continue to wait for new news regarding this in possible future updates from the company.

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