We tested the mid-range mobile phone of the moment: less than 300 euros that has a surprisingly good screen

We analyze the Motorola G84, one of the best mid-range phones on the market, now available in Spain at an extremely competitive price.

Motorola continues to keep its mid-range alive, a segment in which competition can be fierce, but where the brand is a historical benchmark thanks to its generation of Moto G devices. Now, the Moto G84 has arrived in Spain with many arguments to gain a foothold in the market.

At EL ESPAƑOL – El Androide Libre, we have spent a few weeks using it, and it is one of the most interesting mobile phones that can be purchased for 299 euros. Especially, Its screen stands out, with pOLED technology and it can be ideal for spending hours watching movies and series on streaming services.

In addition to having 5G connectivity, it stands out in other points such as its RAM and internal memory. The mobile only has one version, and The brand has opted to be generous in this combination of hardware to be able to satisfy all types of users.

Motorola has been around for a few years polishing its design lines until they adapt to trends on the market, and this is one of those phones that, although it does not seek to surprise in this sense, offers a great experience, both in the hand and on an aesthetic level. In this case, we have analyzed the dark blue model.

If we start talking about its materials, it has a back Made of polycarbonate with a matte finish which makes it soft and comfortable. It is true that this material makes it possible to slip if you carry the phone without a case, but thanks to its compact size, it can be solved by gripping it more firmly. In the Viva Magenta version that it has with Pantone, the chosen material is synthetic leather.

Rear of Motorola G84

On the back we only find the Motorola logo in the center of the device and the camera module in the upper left. Its two sensors are placed one above the other, and the one below has the LED flash next to it. A sober and elegant aesthetic.

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At the bottom it has the speaker, the USB Type C port and a 3.5 mm Jack, a feature that fewer and fewer mobile phones integrate, but that can come in handy for many users. A detail worth highlighting is that at the bottom we also find the certification seals of the European Union, and in this sense, It is appreciated that the company hides them a little instead of putting them on the back, where it can break with the aesthetics of the device. Its volume and power buttons are located on the right edge.

As far as the screen is concerned, it has a size of 6.5 inches, so it is not huge, but it is not compact either. It is pOLED technology, something that not many phones boast in this price range, and the truth is is that it is one of the differential points of the device. Its Full HD+ resolutions, and its refresh rate is 120 Hz.

In this section, it is a quite competent mobile phone that offers a great experience in both viewing and fluidity. Not only when playing or getting the most out of watching multimedia content, but also in everyday life and in more mundane tasks such as doing an internet search or reading an article on a website.

Netflix on the Moto G84

It has a great color representation, although it can be modified in settings to make them more or less intense depending on personal tastes. On the other hand, it has a hole in the center, at the top, to house the front camera.

Its maximum brightness is 1300 nits, and this means that all the content on the screen can be seen quite well, even on those occasions when it is used in sunlight. Without a doubt, it is one of the sections that we liked the most about the device, and users who tend to play or consume multimedia content quite frequently will be able to enjoy it a lot.

Motorola has trusted Qualcomm for the processor of this device, which is the Snapdragon 695, one of the brand’s processors intended for the mid-range. It is built in 6 nanometers and provides the smartphone with 5G connectivity, which at this point is a clear point in its favor. There is a single storage and RAM model, 256GB and 12GBrespectively.

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In this sense, it is quite positive that the company has opted to introduce high amounts of RAM, since In the long run, it is one of the points where the passing of the years can be most noticeable. Having a good amount means that its performance can be maintained at a better level in the future.

Moto G84 screen

Its processor is not the fastest, but they can offer good performance in many games from Google Play. In those that are more demanding at the hardware level, you will not be able to play with the maximum configuration. Something that is also normal considering its price. Its 5,000 mAh battery is more than enough to last a day of intense use.

Beyond this, it has NFC connectivity that allows you to make contactless payments and quickly pair with Bluetooth devices, as well as Dolby Atmos speakers, in-screen fingerprint reader and space to increase storage using a micro SD card. It has IP54 splash resistance, which makes it safe to use while it is raining.

Although it is a round mobile in the rest of the sections, the camera takes a certain dip compared to the rest of the device’s features. It has two sensors, a main one of 50 Mpx and a wide angle, which also acts as a macro, of 8 Mpx. A simple combination to which we are already accustomed in this segment.

This is a basic configuration that allows you to take an occasional photo without any problem, but it will not be able to satisfy people who are somewhat more demanding in this sense. There is not much level of detail seen in the photographs we have taken, although in some scenarios it has been able to improve its results.

The photographs it takes are not characterized by having a great dynamic range. There are times when dark colors can be confused and mixed together, making some snapshots look too contrasty. The front camera is enough to take the occasional photo. In low light, the results are worse. After all, This is not one of those camera-centric phones, but, in return, it stands out in the rest of the sections.

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Motorola has had a very good hand with this Moto G84. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 696 processor is not the fastest in the mid-range, it offers a good performance in virtually any scenario, and provides the device with 5G connectivity. It has a very good pOLED technology panel with which you can watch hours of movies, series and YouTube videos in excellent quality, something that adds a lot to your multimedia experience. It is one of the mobile phones that stands out in this sense and that can be a great option for those people who use their smartphone daily to entertain themselves by watching this type of content.

USB Type C and 3.5 mm Jack on the Moto G84

Taking into account the strengths of the device, it is not strange that the company has decided to cut some sections in order to be able to launch it for a competitive price, 299 euros, specifically. This has made the camera the least recommended thing about the device. Count with one 50 megapixel main sensor that can take some good snapshots when there is enough light and the conditions are not complicated. However, it is not that mobile phone that we would take to take photos on vacation, although yes, to watch movies during the trip.

On the other hand, it should be noted that Motorola includes in the device box both the charging cable and the charger itself, as well as a transparent case that adapts perfectly to the mobile phone and protects it. The only version that is for sale is 12 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal storage, More than enough quantities for any type of user and that ensure good durability to the mobile phone over the years. A highly recommended device for those people who value multimedia and battery over the camera.