WhatsApp is getting closer every day to stealing Telegram’s main feature

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WhatsApp usernames

WhatsApp It continues to improve the user experience with countless updates to maintain its position as the most used messaging application in the world. Now, the Meta application aims to introduce a new function that its main competitor, Telegram, has already implemented, which until now was a unique novelty for several years. Let’s see what this particular feature is about and how it will affect our daily use.

Over the last few years, WhatsApp has been paying attention to the moves made by its biggest instant messaging rival, Telegram, and has made collection of some of its most important characteristics. Recently, the Meta tool introduced the possibility of editing the text you had just sent for a short period of time, moving stickers, or even the channels section to subscribe and stay up to date with the latest news.

Regarding all this, Telegram has always been one step ahead and is constantly reinventing itself to attract and steal WhatsApp customers, although it is still difficult to surpass it. In this case, the possibility of implementing the option of usernames on WhatsApp Web thus improving various aspects of privacy and security for the user.


Telegram is one of the chat tools that offers greater privacy and security for users. Nowadays, offering new ways to communicate from time to time, protecting personal data in a very simple way. Thus, you can hide the phone number and talk to other users using a unique identifier as is the username, with the aim of being able to find a contact in a much faster way, expanding to the rest of the world.



Consequently, WhatsApp is already on the lookout to make use of this feature for its desktop version in order to expand the possibilities of user interaction. You can also change users at any time, as happens in Telegram, without revealing the phone number at any time, since we could be connecting with unknown people. Only the username will be displayed.

WhatsApp usernames

However, the names will be accompanied by an at sign (@), in the X (Twitter) style, so you will have to be quick to choose a pseudonym that is available. In short, it is a way of communicating that guarantees the user’s safety. without compromising personal datamarking an important step towards privacy and ease of communication across borders on WhatsApp.

And what about the mobile application?

Apparently, it is expected that the username option, in addition to being updated on our computers, will also be coming soon to mobile apps of WhatsApp for both the Android version and the iOS version. However, there is still no set date for us to enjoy this feature that Telegram currently has completely exclusively.

Therefore, we will have to wait to be able to configure our privacy by simply accessing our profile and selecting the user we want to be reflected and later sharing it through the messaging tool.



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