Movistar renews its professional offer with 1Gb fiber plus mobile with unlimited data and 5G+

movistar renews its professional offer with 1gb fiber plus mobile with unlimited data and 5g+
movistar renews its professional offer with 1gb fiber plus mobile with unlimited data and 5g+

Movistar updates its proposal for self-employed workers by offering a quick start and technological support through free devices or with financing so that entrepreneurs can boost their activity.

The blue operator announced this Monday a new plan for self-employed workers. For 61 euros per month plus VAT, self-employed workers will be able to have 1Gb fiber Internet and a mobile line with unlimited data and a 5G+ network, as well as receive a free device and have detailed invoices that facilitate the deduction of services. All of this, furthermore, without any obligation to stay.

With the so-called “miMovistar Autónomos”, the operator once again appeals to entrepreneurs by offering them fast Internet in their homes or premises. The 1Gb symmetrical fiber is accompanied by a WiFi 6 router , which increases the connection speed by 25% compared to the previous model. On the other hand, 5G+ on mobile phones with unlimited Internet ensures continuous connection very quickly.

Additionally, if there is computer equipment in various parts of the office or premises, Movistar allows you to install FTTR Fiber (Fiber to the Room) so that the high speed reaches all the necessary corners.

The self-employed person will thus have a fast connection, but also a secure one and cloud storage, since the operator includes the ‘Secure Connection’ protection layer with the plan . This is Movistar’s own shield during real-time browsing that blocks malware or phishing attacks. Added to this is unlimited online storage, being able to save all the necessary files and information in my Movistar Cloud.

Along with all this service, miMovistar Autónomos promises priority attention throughout the week for the immediate resolution of any incident in the service. Its start-up will also be quick, with installation on the same day or in less than 48 hours . The free device to choose from the Movistar catalog also helps you get started.

If you want another device outside the free catalog, Movistar offers to choose from four modern devices with financing conditions so that the purchase is not prohibitive.

Invoices designed to facilitate declarations

The invoices that the operator will send to the self-employed for this service will be detailed and broken down with the idea that the worker can deduct expenses from the service they use to carry out their work activity. The invoice is detailed by concept to be able to verify with the Treasury the costs involved in the activity.

Movistar aims to offer a global service that covers all the technological needs of the self-employed. In this sense, it gives the possibility of adding to all of the above more additional unlimited mobile lines and a second 1Gb fiber access, which allows the businessman to scale capacity according to the growth or needs of his business.

Finally, with the Movistar Prosegur Alarmas service, clients will also be able to protect their premises or office from theft.

The operator informs that customers will be able to combine this plan with the miMovistar offer that they have already contracted for the home, thus making the services provided for personal and professional use compatible.

According to the operator, the absence of permanence in this contract represents a differentiating element compared to other companies. “The objective of miMovistar Autónomos is to offer this group a proposal with the best services, which provides them with flexible solutions that adapt to their needs,” indicated the B2C Marketing Director of Telefónica Spain, Laura Otero, in a press release.

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