How can I listen to my favorite radio stations on Android Auto?

how can i listen to my favorite radio stations on android auto
how can i listen to my favorite radio stations on android auto

Android Auto has become an excellent option for listening to our favorite music in our vehicle. But what happens if we want to listen to the radio? Do we have any alternative that allows us to access our favorite stations?

Android Auto allows us to enjoy a large number of services while driving: listening to music, having the navigator with the best route on the screen, reading messages or answering calls are just some of the main ones. However, there are many more. But what happens if we don’t want to use any of the mentioned functions and we just want to listen to the radio for a while with our Favorite stations?

Luckily, Android Auto allows us to choose from a large number of applications that give us access, in turn, to countless transmitters located around the world. Therefore, we will no longer have to stick only with the stations available on our sound system. We tell you which are the best options.

Available applications

One of the favorite applications of all Android Auto users or to listen to the radio is TuneIN. One of the main features it offers us, and also one of the reasons why it is such a downloaded tool, is because of its ability to offer us practically all the stations from around the world. It is enough to go to the search engine to try to find the station we are looking for so that, just a few seconds later, we can start playing it. TuneIN has both a free and paid plan. However, its free version is sufficient for the vast majority of users, as long as you are not bothered too much by advertising interruptions.

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V Radio is another option very similar to the previous one. In this case, it also offers us access to a wide variety of options, divinities through thematic channels. Finding our favorite station is a matter of seconds, since we will be able to access a very visual gallery in which we will not have to spend a large amount of time performing any type of search.


Finally, if you want to access stations that broadcast only over the Internet, Open Radio is another option that we must take into account. In this case, its interface is designed so that finding any station is especially easy, without having to access complex configuration menus. It is one of the options that allows us to access a greater amount of variety and, in addition, it is an app that ensures a pleasant user experience .

Stable internet connection

Although all the applications that we have previously mentioned are developed to guarantee maximum stability, the reality is that we must meet two conditions to be able to tune them correctly. The first of them is to have a data rate with enough gigabytes so that the journey we are going to make by car does not compromise the volume of gigabytes included in our rate.

In addition, we must also take into account that if we are going to take a long trip or in which we pass through areas without coverage, the station will present cuts in all those sections in which we cannot have sufficient signal on our terminal to be able to play the content. in streaming. Although if it occurs at very specific times we will hardly notice anything, the same will not happen if the coverage sections are constant.

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