Vectorize images in seconds with this new artificial intelligence

802929892 236992822 1200x630.jpg
802929892 236992822 1200x630.jpg

No more spending hours manually vectorizing designs. A new AI allows you to do it in seconds and save hours of work.


The digital world has brought an increase in the importance of design, with thousands of people carving out a future as illustrators, graphic designers… They all need hardware tools to do their work, but also software tools, such as Photoshop or Illustrator. The latter is a program created to work with vector images, that is, images that do not lose quality when we enlarge them.

This is something critical in the world of design, which unlike photography, does not work with JPG or PNG files, but with others such as SVG. Going from the first to this second involves hard work which does not always turn out as well as one would expect, but this has changed.

Vectorize AI is a new software tool with artificial intelligence that allows you to vectorize images and photos, creating an SVG file that allows editing without losing quality, expanding without limits. The best thing is that, for now, it is free to use.

This tool works very simply. You have to enter their website and drag the image you want to vectorize to it, either because it is going to be edited later or because you want to print it and it does not have sufficient quality. When the action is executed, the AI ​​will take a few seconds to offer us a vectorized file with its corresponding bitmap.

This can be seen by clicking on the corresponding button on the interface, which is at the top and is very simple. Besides, there is the option to create a vectorized file using only a few colors in case you want a very simple model that is easy to print.


In the example in the image above, with an image created with the tool that turns you into a Pixar character, you can see how on the left side is the image itself and on the right side is the vectorized image. The real difference is noticeable as soon as you start zooming in. since the first loses quality and the second does not.

This tool is especially useful when modifying logos since their design is usually vector, but many times what they send to retouch is a bitmap image, that is, a JPG or similar. With this tool you can convert that bitmap into SVG, PDF, EPS, DXF or PNG files.


This tool can be used on your website at no cost, but only while the beta phase lasts. Later it will have a monthly price, not yet announced, but which will hardly compensate designers who carry out this type of actions on a continuous basis. What does have a price is its API, which can be integrated into other applications.

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