The simple WhatsApp trick to transfer all photos and videos to your computer without using any cables

the simple whatsapp trick to transfer all photos and videos to your computer without using any cables
the simple whatsapp trick to transfer all photos and videos to your computer without using any cables

This method is one of the fastest to transfer photos and videos from your mobile to your computer, and it is as simple as using WhatsApp.

Transferring files from your mobile phone to your computer is a task that has evolved over time, to the point that it is not even necessary to use a cable for it. Right now, users in Spain have a large number of options to carry out this task, and in many cases it is not even necessary to download new applications.

Nearby Share is one of the fastest methods to transfer photos to your computer, but it has some requirements, such as the device must have Bluetooth connectivity. However, thanks to WhatsApp, it is possible to make this process even faster.


The web version of the messaging application has some options for managing attachments, and this can be the key to making a quick and totally private file exchange .

How to send files to PC

The web version of WhatsApp allows you to use the application from your computer anywhere, as long as there is an internet connection. This makes it very useful to be able to continue using the application while you are working on the computer, and it wastes less time. It works in both ways, so you can also send files from your computer to your mobile.


In the same way, it has the possibility of sending and receiving attached files, just as in the mobile application, and these can be downloaded to the internal memory of the computer. Therefore, the first thing you should do to send files with this method is open WhatsApp web or download its desktop application. This also allows you to send audio and make video calls.

For this method of sending files, we will also have to have a private conversation with ourselves. There are several ways to have one of these, since it is possible to create a group with another person and then kick that person or use the conversation that WhatsApp offers to users.

In any case, the method to send files from one device to another quickly is to open this conversation with ourselves and send said files through this chat. Then you just have to open that same conversation from your computer and click on the arrow next to each photo or document to click the “Save as” button and choose the path in which you want to store it.

Keep in mind that when sending photos, WhatsApp will compress them so that they weigh less when sent, something that can be avoided by clicking on the “HD” button or sending the photo as if it were a regular file.


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