If I don’t have data on my rate, can I use WhatsApp Web?

whatsapp web without data

WhatsApp has been one of the communication applications most used worldwide. Initially, to be able to use it it was essential to have to go to our smartphone and start any chat. WhatsApp Web, first, and WhatsApp in its desktop version, later, completely changed the rules of the game. Turning it, progressively, into an increasingly autonomous tool. But what happens if we don’t have data in our rate?

Although in recent years most manufacturers have chosen to increase the size and quality of your screens, The reality is that, if we find ourselves faced with the situation in which we must have long conversations or even some of them simultaneously for work reasons, In most cases the smartphone is not the best option. Even more so if they are conversations held over time that do not respond to a specific topic and are a constant exchange of messages.

Since the emergence of WhatsApp Web, and subsequently its corresponding desktop version, more and more users are choosing to restrict the use of WhatsApp on their mobile phone only for specific issues, and they trust both versions to respond to the situation described previously. But, What happens if we do not have data in our rate? Can we continue using WhatsApp Web without major problems or are we going to have to buy an extra bonus?

Their independence is increasing, but not complete

The latest updates carried out by the team behind the application have sought to make WhatsApp a multi-device application and increasingly independent of our mobile terminal. Although it is true that, as we will see below, This independence is not complete, it’s getting bigger and bigger.

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Currently, WhatsApp offers us the option to link other devices to our main phone in both web and desktop versions. As well as even other terminals. As long as we make sure not to exceed the maximum allowed, which is four simultaneous devices. From that moment, the connection is made independently of our mobile terminal, using the networks available to it, whether it is a WiFi network in the case of our computer or through a data connection.

Yes, you can use WhatsApp Web without data

Therefore, and as can be seen from the previous statement, We can use WhatsApp in its web or desktop version, even if we do not have data on our mobile device, since the connection does not depend on the terminal in question, but on the networks that are close to us. Such as the WiFi of our home, our work or any other place we are. What we couldn’t do would be to use our cell phone to share data.

In fact, currently it is not necessary for our mobile phone to be turned on or have an active SIM card to be able to use WhatsApp Web normally. However, and despite the fact that their independence is increasing, we may find ourselves faced with the problem of having to search for information in an old conversation of our own. A fairly common situation if we tend to use WhatsApp in our work environment. In this case, it is most likely that we will find the message that we can see in the following screenshot:

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14 day limit

WhatsApp is also aware that the use we give to the desktop versions or the website itself is not always daily. And, in many cases, we do them on the work computer, for example. Or in any other specific situation that will not have great durability over time.

In this case, for all the devices that we have linked to our account beyond our mobile phone, the company owned by Mark Zuckerberg, has placed in 14 days time limit that we can have an account linked to any computer, mobile phone or tablet without having use. After this time, if we have not logged in at any time, the account will be unlinked for security reasons and, if necessary, we will have to synchronize it again.