ZBOX Edge MI351, the new and interesting Barebone from Zotac

zbox edge mi351 de zotac.jpg
zbox edge mi351 de zotac.jpg

Zotac he brings you ZBOX Edge MI351. A new proposal in the market Mini PCs. A model that exhibits an appearance ultra-flat which has earned him design awards.

ZBOX Edge MI351, an efficient mini PC in all aspects

The technological Zotac throw a Mini-PC most interesting for its format and efficiency. We talk to you about the reference ZBOX Edge MI351. A low profile product that promises to provide a solution to your daily routines.

Equipment characteristics

As we have told you, the brand new proposal of Zotac It is distinguished by the narrowness of its casing, with only 28.5mm thick and a perimeter of 149.5 x 149.5mm. He ZBOX Edge MI351 is defined as a Mini-PC compact focused on providing the essential performance for everyday computing in homethe office wave company.

ZBOX Edge MI351 by zotac

Zotac’s ZBOX Edge MI351 comes equipped with an Intel N100

The engine that animates the system of this Barebone extra flat is a Intel N100. Therefore, a CPU that barely consumes (6W) and whose 4 cores They reach a frequency of 3.40GHz. Dispose of 6MB cache and includes integrated graphics Intel HD.

More details of the product

You will be able to deploy in the system up to 16 GB of RAMthe computer being compatible with modules DDR5 to 4,800 MHz in format SO-DIMM. Storage proposes solutions in the form of NVMe M.2 SSD with interface PCIe 4.0 x4. Finally, as far as connectivity is concerned, it has a port Ethernet LAN to 1Gbps; Wi-Fi 6 further Bluetooth 5.2; and set of four ports USB 3.2.

ZBOX Edge MI351 by zotac

This compact equipment consists of its cooling system using an aluminum radiator and a turbine fan.

The video output is resolved with a DisplayPort 1.4 and a HDMI 2.0. And the list of connectors closes with the power connector because, obviously, this model works with a external power supply. Point out that the ZBOX Edge MI351 includes a medium mounting VESAso that you have maximum flexibility when it comes to placing the computer in the place you consider necessary.

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