This is how beautiful Chrome bookmarks are now on mobile

this is how beautiful chrome bookmarks are now on mobile.webp.webp.webp
this is how beautiful chrome bookmarks are now on mobile.webp.webp.webp

Google Chrome has given an extra touch of Material You to Google Chrome with a redesign of your bookmarks page more in line with other parts of the interface, such as the new New Tab page.

Chrome bookmarks are now showing with larger icons and previews

Some more visual markers

For many years, Google Chrome bookmarks on Android have remained practically the same, as a list with folders and icons of each website that we have saved. Now the browser is generally activating a redesign important.

With this new design, bookmarks and folders They become much larger and with a better view

This redesign had been in the browser for some time as a Chrome Flag, although it is now that Google has started to activate it as standard and it is foreseeable that in the future it will be the only design available for the markers.

If you are not too convinced, you can still deactivate it with the Chrome Flag #android-improved-bookmarkswhich Google describes as Android Visual Bookmark Manager. As we mentioned before, this redesign gives more prominence to each element of our bookmarks, whether they are folders or pages, although in exchange we will see less on the screen as they are larger.

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