YouTube 1080p Premium begins rolling out on Android and Google TV

youtube 1080p premium begins rolling out on android and google
youtube 1080p premium begins rolling out on android and google


YouTube bring the option 1080p Premium on Android and Google TV. Officially introduced on iOS and Apple TV in April after a couple of months of testing, it allows Premium subscribers to view videos in 1080p format with high bit rate. The function has been released to a limited group of users, at the end of this trial period it will be officially distributed to all subscribers.

The first reports confirm the introduction of this specific option on Google TV, Android TV and Android: The screenshot below refers to the mobile operating system (from Motorola Moto G52).

The option is available for those who have an active YouTube Premium subscription, while those who are basic users are invited to upgrade to the paid version.

YouTube Premium is Google’s subscription to view video platform (also Kids) without ads. Lets you download videos to watch offline and play them in the background. Included is YouTube Music for non-stop listening to millions of songs. Again, you can download the music and play it in the background. YouTube Premium costs 11.99 euros per month in individual subscription, the Family Plan allows access to videos and music to 5 other family members (over 13) residing in the same home in 17.99 euros per month.

It should be emphasized that the new function does not in any way affect the ability for basic users to view 1080p videos: these will continue to be available on the platform, and they will continue to be totally free. 1080p Premium is one exclusive function for YouTube subscribers which differs from classic 1080p viewing by a higher bitrate.

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