Xiaomi already sells the gadget that cannot be missing in your house if there are children

xiaomi already sells the gadget that cannot be missing in.jpg
xiaomi already sells the gadget that cannot be missing in.jpg

Xiaomi LCD Writing Tablet

Xiaomi has many devices, of all types and for all uses. Mobile phones, tablets, robot vacuum cleaners, scooters, kitchen robots… But now Xiaomi has the gadget that you need to buy now if there are children in your house. And the best thing is that buying it will cost you less than 30 euros.

Xiaomi has a new device in its catalog that joins the many interesting gadgets that you can find: the Xiaomi LCD Writing Tablet. A 13.5-inch tablet and less than 30 euros that is already available in Spain and that is going to be one of those devices that your children will not put down all day and will carry everywhere.


The tablet is not a tablet like the one you use every day. That is to say… it does not have applications or an operating system or games but rather it is an LCD tablet for drawing. You won’t be able to do anything except write or draw on it with the built-in stylus. The screen has a liquid crystal film with a full range of gradient colors that will appear as we draw on the screen panel. Xiaomi LCD Writing Tablet.

It doesn’t have ink nor is it harmful to eyesight. The screen is without backlight and is reusable so it is perfect to avoid wasting paper in many cases where we just want to doodle or write something but we don’t need to save it.


Xiaomi Tablet LCD

Like a notebook in which the pages never wear out, the Xiaomi LCD tablet allows you to continuously delete what you write or draw without any effort, so even a small child can do it. Simply touch the writing tablet’s sensor using the pen cap. The screen will be clean again and we will be able to write or draw whatever we want again.

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The tablet is light, easy to carry everywhere and manageable so it is totally portable if you want to keep it in the car or take it on a trip. Furthermore, one of the advantages of this tablet is that the magnetic pen has its own space on the side of the device so you simply have to place it here so as not to lose it.

Another advantage is that we do not have to recharge the battery continuously, but we can use it up to a hundred times a day and the battery promises to last a year.

Xiaomi LCD Writing Tablet

Also for adults

It is not only an option if there are children at home but also It is recommended for all types of adults and has many functions available for everyday use. If you need to take notes daily or write down, for example, things you want to remember later but without needing to save it. It has all kinds of uses and will help us not waste notebooks or pages: to make mind maps, help you study, take notes or simply to leave messages at home for someone.

Xiaomi LCD tablet

It can be a useful tool that can be put to all kinds of uses and that will help us not waste so much paper in our daily lives. It is easy to use, cheap and practical.