Xiaomi 12T Pro, rumors agree on the memories. And a fourth color appears

The rumors about it intensify Xiaomi 12T and 12T Pro. In recent days, the number of information has grown considerably, including the possible presence of a 200 MP camera on the 12T Pro, information on memories and colors and the curious case of those who managed to buy a standard 12T “unit online. “although – clearly – it is not on the market.

On the Xiaomi 12T and in particular on the Pro variant it is back in the past few hours Mukul Sharmawho on Twitter shared a screenshot of what appears to be the code of a webpage they are on a couple of interesting information. Unfortunately, however, we must blindly trust the informant, because no information was shared on the origin of the image and therefore on the source.

The hypothesis suggested by Sharma is one Xiaomi 12T Pro available (in Europe? The image EU stands for Europe?) in configuration with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage, which will almost certainly not be expandable. In recent days, the information obtained and shared by another insider, Paras Guglani or PassionateGeekzsuggested the same line: Xiaomi 12T “standard” with 8 + 128/256 GB and 12T Pro with 8/12 + 256 GB.

There is no reason to believe that 12T Pro can only be available in the 8 + 256 GB variant, the one identified by Sharma seems rather to be one of the (two?) configurations of Xiaomi’s next topand it is good for the accuracy of the picture that we will have from now to the official presentation that the information from two rather reliable sources coincide.

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Moreover, as you will have seen from the image attached to the tweet, Sharma’s discovery gives us a second information evidently escaped from Guglani, who claimed that both Xiaomi 12Ts would come in three colors, Cosmic Black, Lunar Silver And Clear Blue: there would be a fourth, Purple, at least for 12T Pro. It is not difficult to imagine it, because the shade could be similar if not identical – after all the name is – to that available on Xiaomi 12S and 12S Pro.