WhatsApp revolutionizes its channels with these four new features

whatsapp revolutionizes its channels with these four new features.webp.webp.webp
whatsapp revolutionizes its channels with these four new features.webp.webp.webp

With a brief message on your WhatsApp channel Mark Zuckerberg has considered presented four new features for the channels that will turn them into an even more complete communication tool.

For channel administrators it is now possible to share channel content as status and designate multiple administrators for a channel, in addition to being able share voice notes and surveys. For subscribers, you now have something else to do besides react: vote in polls.

Surveys, voice notes and more

WhatsApp continues to improve its channels, the function formerly known as newsletters through which an organization can Publish content to your subscribers. The channels They arrived on WhatsApp in September from last year, somewhat sparse in features.

Little by little, these channels are gaining new functions to make them more interactive while maintaining the concept that only administrators can publish. Thus, starting today four new features arrive on WhatsApp channels:

  • Voice notes: Channel admins can now share voice memos as content.
  • Various administrators: A channel may have several administrators managing it and publishing content.
  • Share as status: The content that is published in the channel can be shared as a status, with a new design.
  • Surveys: It is now possible to share surveys in WhatsApp statuses.

He WhatsApp channel on WhatsApp Adds some information about the possibility of appointing additional administrators for a channel: each channel can have up to 16 administrators although the channel creator maintains the top rank of owner. All administrators must have two-step verification enabled for their account.

Via | WaBetaInfo

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