Voice notes that self-destruct in WhatsApp: this is how the latest development in the app works

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803429696 236953192 1200x630.jpg

As with text messages, WhatsApp is already preparing its next novelty for the most installed chat app in Spain.


The chat app owned by Meta has several open fronts, from a new interface that will almost completely change its entire design to the new audio calling function that arrived through beta just two days ago. He is now working on developing a new feature that allows send a voice note that disappears after being played.

It can be said that WhatsApp is one of the apps that is receiving the most updates almost every week. The latest to arrive in Spain has been the possibility of having two accounts in the app from a mobile phone. An important arrival that shows that Meta is behind completely changing what this application has been to what it was a few years ago.

In beta of WhatsApp for Android, this novelty appeared for the first time for sending notes that disappear once they have been listened to by the user. Thanks to a new privacy layer that arrived in that version, in the new beta it was possible to use this new functionality for the first time. And these voice notes that disappear They cannot be shared, saved or exported because they are totally dedicated to privacy.

The WhatsApp novelty works in such a way that when you start recording a new voice note a new icon appears just to the right of the bar graph showing the sound. It is similar to what you have when you want to send a message or photo that will disappear over time.

When this icon is pressed, the voice memo will be sent to be played only once, so the receiver will not be able to export, save or record it. Right after sending the voice memo with this mode, the user who sends it will not be able to reproduce it and only the one who receives it will have the option to listen to it once.

Of course, according to WaBetaInfo, this feature is linked to privacy and for those voice notes that you only want to be played once. So it is an extra layer of privacy for certain messages that you want to send by voice. It is precisely the most interesting thing about this new function and it adds to the messages and photos that disappear at the same time. Of course, this new ability is available for some users of the beta version of WhatsApp for Android, so, even if you have this version installed on your mobile, it may not even be able to be tested until it arrives in the final in the coming weeks. or days; knowing the speed with which WhatsApp is taking all these new features in beta.

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